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The not so perfect masterpiece 0

Years ago, when I first heard of Alan Wake, I imagined something Max-Payne-like game...All I read and heard in the computer websites was that the game will have a unique and brand new horror-game mechanic. The whole struggle for light in the entire game sounded very cool and ambitious, but is it really well made...I don't think so. Two years ago I played Alan Wake on Xbox360 and it was my first touch with the game, although the game copy was not mine...a friend of mine showed it to me. Immediate...

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Nothing unexpected.. 0

Well,I've played the game from 14:00 today and I've just stopped...It's very entertaining and very chaotic game. I didn't like the story, it's too lame and very slow...Sometimes it takes a lot to unlock a new node in the web. During this, the gameplay takes it's place. As I said, the game is really chaotic, there're times, where I cannot understand where Alex ( the main character) is in this blood bath, but it's very beautiful at some point. Also there're a lot of ways to fight a single type of ...

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The best movie-based game ever reliesed 0

When I got X-Men:Origins I was very curious how would the game handle on my machine,will it be a good 3dPS...well it is.The game doesn't follow the original movie script, but still it does a great job showing us some other scenes, new boss fights (some of them are really funny, perhaps with the fat blond guy :) ).However, the Africa part becomes extremely stupid and annoying at some point, especially when you are in the great engineering complex with the big robot (the levels change for 20 minut...

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Yes...and no...what the*** 0

That game is good and in the same time is boring...The graphics and the sound are actually very good,but something is not right,let's find out what,shall we:)Now,the first and the most awful thing is the level the first part of the game I was,like,walking in a same path,the corridors were same,that really bad level design makes main problem,like that,there is no space to move,and that made the game hard in some places.In the beginning I was very shocked how is possible in a team shoo...

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Noooooooooooo,why...the game were in the "Painkiller" series where so good,why they had change all this,the game isn't scary anymore,it's so dumb and nasty,the graphics are may be well done,the sound track may be good,but the gameplay is nothing I've never seen...Yes the first two "Painkiller"-s were also nothing new,but they had a charm,I"ve played them with love,but that's game is just dumb...the story is weak...but there's one great thing:The tones of enemies you'll encounter...yes there are ...

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Woooo 0

As I am a big fan of FPS I had a very good time with Crysis.And who doesn't know Crysis,everyone knows that Crysis is using CryEngine 2.0 and it's probably the best looking game ever made.Absolutely everything in this game looks realistic (except the Aliens).You will need of course a very powerful computer to play that game,but even in low details the game looks amazing.A played it on very high and I saw just everything :).For example-there is a car coming you way,you use the Running mode of you...

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Another disaspointing game 0

Assassin's Creed is a game that you will want to play just once :(...and that's really bad,because I waited for a game that will breaks the cliches,but I was very wrong.Yes the game has its story,graphics,sound effects...but the gameplay feels weak.All kinds of climbing,freeruning,sneaking were very cool,but the missions repeat ALL THE TIME.There some people that you have to kill (very important people) and there are 3 cities-Damscuss,Acre and Jerusalem.There is only one guy per city...and every...

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Between disapointing and interesting 0

Turok is a game that came out for PC a bit later then the console version.The game starts in this spaceship where is Turok (our main character).The intro shows us that he was first a prisoner,then a part of The Wolfpack (with its leader Kane (not that one :))) and he is a part of soldier-team,but of course,nobody thrusts him.5 minutes later a rocket crashes into the ship and you are (of course) one of the survivors.When you start exploring the new planet,you see it's full of dinosaurs,big bugs.....

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Booooooooring... 0

...I was waiting for something way greater then this...I've played way better games than this.Some people say that Far Cry 2 is better than Crysis,but I just cannot agree with them.That's because the game is boring and very lame.On first place-the story is perhaps interesting,but the way it opens to you is very dumb.Everything in this game(except shooting)goes really slow.You have to drive a very uncomfortable vehicle every time you start a mission.You have to drive 5 minutes to the objective's ...

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