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GOTY 2017

Best of 2017 games that I've personally played. Now I have kids, I have to be more judicious about the games I choose to play. So this list is by no means comprehensive and will likely be of no interest to anyone but myself.

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  • Killzone is fine. I played 2, 3, and Shadowfall. Those games look nice and play...fine. They did not prepare me for the relentless quality and thoughtfulness of Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy is a compelling lead in a deep and occasionally moving sci-fi story. The bow-based combat is thrilling from start to finish. Side missions are enjoyable, with some longer unique missions that flesh out the central story, plus some repeatable types that appear only a few times so as not to wear out their welcome. This game was unquestionably my best of the year, and it even moves confidently into to my top ten (top five?) of all time.


  • I put over 150 hours into this game on PS2. The PS4 version is so greatly improved that it's almost a different game. The 2x or 4x speed boost is so helpful and so smart that it would be impossible to go back to the original. Fighting Yiazmat in the original took me upwards of 5 hours with a slightly under-leveled party, but he went down after only 35 minutes (real time) on PS4. The updated graphics are subtle and pleasing in HD. Finally, the Zodiac job system also makes a smart and highly replayable change to the original release.