Guitar Center Mythologies: LordofUltima

So I was out day-after-xmas shopping for stuff, because whenever I get money -- I have to spend it like a dumbass. I ventured into Guitar Center to buy a guitar stand and some strings (DR Pure Blues) and while I was waiting in line, started chatting with the people in front of me. Well, by people I mean little kids that were no more than 11 years old, and that they started bugging me about things.

Quan-Chi in the flesh, baby!
Quan-Chi in the flesh, baby!
So I'm wearing a Mortal Kombat shirt, and the kid is like "hey, you like Mortal Kombat? I got the new one, MK vs DC, and it's pretty cool." And I'm like well yeah, I was a big fan of the older games. He apparantly thought I meant MK Armageddon, to which I just sort of chuckle to myself. So then he brings up Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, and we start talking about how sweet that game was -- and also how bad Special Forces was. Around this point it occured to me, these kids were probably born after Mortal Kombat II or even 3 came out. That blows my mind. They really missed the MK boat, but it was still somehow culturally relevant today. Apparantly the MK name still sells, despite what the nayers may 'say.' It also goes to show you that I have more in common with an 11 year old kid than people my age. Pretty awesome.

Also of note, is that I was totally looking for a Rock Band 2 drum set today, since you know -- mine is broken in 15 places. I found many sets for both the PS3 and Wii, but no 360 kits seem to exist in the world of large retail chains the day after christmas. Total bummer. Mainly because I don't know how long I can hold onto this money. I'm currently looking into buying a domain for my music and video alike; and also have that be my sort-of portfolio website. Decisions, decisions.