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Best of 2014

Shit year for games. But still, there were some gems I suppose.

List items

  • If you haven't played it, you just don't understand.

  • Great tension in this game, albeit a bit long in the tooth. I love Aliens, and I love horror games. Game ran great and looked even better on PC, and that depth of field trick for the motion tracker is the best feature of the year.

  • I was in some state of zen/sleep-deprivation while playing this game, and as such the game's tricky puzzles and haunting dance tunes entranced me. Fantastical.

  • This game gets a bad rep, but it was fantastic. Challenging boss encounters, a fluid 60fps on PC, and controls like a dream. Story is a bit dumb, and the stealth sections were stupid (Especially that one leaves part).

  • Not a huge Mega Man fan, but this still won me over by my second playthrough. Great pixel art and music.

  • Late addition, since it came out on PC right at the end of the year. Fantastic gameplay, though very short.

  • It's Street Fighter.

  • Telltale formula aside, I just like the concept of the game. Gritty fairy-tales living in real life.

  • This is for the PC release, Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming. It's pretty great, but I haven't had the opportunity to put a lot of time into it yet.

  • Haven't put nearly enough time into it, it seems like something you need to sit down with for 100 hours or so with some graph paper all old-schoolish.

  • Didn't play, but looks up my alley with the Rainbow Six style of mission planning.