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Pages I Had a Hand in Creating

Hopefully this list will continue to grow. 
All of the pages listed below I have had some hand in creating. 
And they're in mostly chronological order. 
Isn't that neat?

List items

  • This is the first page I ever suggested. I think I came up with the concept when I was editing the Left 4 Dead Bill's page. Either that or Nathan Rad Spencer.

    Either way, humble origins.

  • This came at a time when I was playing a lot of Shadow Run for some reason.

    Like, the 360 shooter one.

    For some reason a bunch of my friends were playing it at that time, I think was either because it was on sale for about $5 or because you used to be able to play it online with a Silver account. Which was awesome.

    It's actually a pretty important concept for a lot shooters. I'm kind of surprised I was the first to think of it.

  • Now I don't remember if I either created this page or added most of the info too it, but I the mostest so that means I win. Right?

    I think I had recently come into a copy of Life Force for the NES when I made this page. That's a pretty good game.

    You should play it.

  • I'm surprised this page doesn't get a lot of use.

    I guess I should know better than to use big words on Giantbomb.

  • Not sure if I made this but, once again, I have the most points so I fucking win!


    I'm sure this must have been the time when I was still on a Left 4 Dead kick.

    Had to be.

  • God I love this page.

    I was fact checking between forums, Left 4 Dead wiki, and the game simultaneously while making this. I'll admit, I had to infer a lot of shit, and look up a lot of diseases I've never heard of, when writing this, but I think I can say without a doubt that Giantbomb has one of the most comprehensive Green Flu pages on the net.

    God I love this page.

  • Okay you know what I didn't make this page, and Nes technically beats me in points, but fuck that.

    Fuck all of that.

    I sat there at like 2 AM in the morning staring at the fucking How to Play screen while I wrote down a description for EVERY SINGLE SKILL and EVERY SINGLE TURRET and EVERY SINGLE ENEMY.

    I was doing god's fucking work.

    I made this fucking page.

  • If this ever becomes a widely used industry term, then I better get some royalties.