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Hi friends! ThatZero here!

I've been a regular on the site for a few years now, but I wasn't really active in the community until only just recently, but I hope to slowly change that.

So what would you like to know about me? Well I (assumingly like yourself) not only enjoy this fine site, but also like video games, and it was around the age of 5 that the gaming culture took me in as one of their own, neat right?

Slowly, I found that through friends drifting away from games that the console gaming wasn't the right fit, and slowly found myself playing a lot of PC titles, which has become my personal pick for where I like playing things.

Fun Zero Facts:

- I'm Platinum in League of Legends, and have played since closed beta (The game was weird back then!)

- I have put an unknown amount of time into World of Warcraft at this point (There's the console command that tells you, but I don't wanna know.)

- I have tried every known MOBA because hey why not?

- Banjo-Kazooie is my favorite game of all time, Banjo-Tooie and Knights of the Old Republic closely follow.

- I've only had 3 different Charizards throughout all of the Pokemon games, through trade-ups in the systems, I've managed to keep the same ones as long as possible (They're all named Chazard, thanks to a misspelling from my Grandma.)

- I like to cook! Pasta dishes are my specialty (Seafood/Steaks are also very regular)

- I'm currently in school to be a graphic designer, hopefully to become a part of the gaming industry through artistic means.

- This one time, I was at a WWF live show (it was WWF at the time still) and Hulk Hogan mooned the crowed, his butt looked like two white prunes, thought i'd share that with you.

- I don't think Star Wars Episode 1 is as bad as most people say (It's not great, but it's not god awful either.)

If you've managed to read this far congratulations! Um... there's no reward but still, cool!