My MOST WANTED games this coming fall and beyond

Well like most Modern Warfare 2 is close to the top of my list but the number 1 spot would have to be Forza Motorsport 3. I'm keeping a weathered eye on Dirt 2 as that is also on my list but pending how it plays both in Singleplayer and Multiplayer online. While the 1st dirt I played and liked to an extent lacked alot of online mulitplayer fun imo. So im really hoping the online play of Dirt 2 gets a big makeover. With all these games being for 360 game list I only have 1 game that isnt a 360 game and that is Diablo 3!!! with my fingers crossed that it is released in the no later then spring or fall of next year. overall im not one to go and buy Collectors editions but i couldnt resist and i have already preordered the MW2 collectors edition and the Forza 3 limited edition both for 360. its been hard as i havent bought any new games this year yet. been playing Forza 2 and Fallout 3 gets most of my current time.

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