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Not including my steam/origin accounts. I have 340, and thats from Atari 2600 to present

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According to my brother i have recently come out of the closet, only due to the fact i recently received as a way early birthday/christ-manukah present. My pc/gaming rig was upgraded during the BF3 beta (running xp till then) and have always believed in tech pluralism (only recently giving up on running a red hat machine). So now my current thinking is should I put steam onto my iMac (27"), or keep it as a pure production machine?

I also got recently Kid Icarus Uprising, which has been an absolute surprise. would have picked this up with or without Brad's quick look. And gives me a good reason to pull out the Nintendo Eye-Fuck-O-Vision 3000. Marion 3DS land didn't grab me as well as it should have, but oh well ill prob pick that up in the near future again.

Also had the pleasure of enjoying the Zerg Rush at Dick Smiths game clearance (yep, Ausfalian Strong), where i was able to pick up LA Noire complete for 10 and 2 copies of Space Marine for 15 each (but no serials with them so cash back) and on the same day i picked up the N7 edition of ME3 for PC. deciding wether or not to get it on 360 and finish it on there or to port over me ME2 save to pc. and also going to wait till the first round of DLC is out.

But to my shock horror over the Easter Long Weekend i was able to get my brother to play some Dungeon Defenders on PC with me (HDMI to my tv) and played a good 14 hours of co-op. which is turning out to be a good thing. once my best mate is back in country going to try and set up and buy a couple copies and play through it with him, his better half, my brother and myself. After 1 too many online games where the squeaking of a 12 year old with a microphone has killed random match making for me.

And now for the random purchases on Steam as always appear. Going to play some Grimrock once i finish this round of Dungeon Defenders.

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hey Duders,

curious if any one else has picked this piece of gear up? I grabbed 1 today at my local EB games on clearance for $99 Ausfailian Communist Dollars. have played around 30 mins of Portal 2 with it, but more curious if it is a interesting experience in any other games?

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and on PC I'm still waiting to install the fucka