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Fan remakes, homages, sequels

Many games become much loved by many fans. Sometimes these fans become disappointed that their favorite games can no longer run properly on current machines, are no longer supported or available, or just never got the sequel that they deserved. Once in awhile one they'll even do something bizarre and unexpected for probably no other reason than to spend more time with their beloved games.

This list will only look at the bigger and more interesting remakes. There are a ton of remakes of old arcade titles and games for early home computers and consoles that aren't terribly complicated or interesting. Including them would make this list a couple of hundred items longer and bury anything that people would care about or want to try out. I'm also trying to avoid unreleased remakes, even if there's a demo available showing off what they have so far. A lot of these get started and never finished.

The nature of these games generally means a swift cease and desist if anyone tried to sell them. As such their authors have no choice but to make them free if they want them released and I've provided download links in the comments.

List items

  • The first two Broken Sword games are considered classics by just about every point and click adventure game fan out there. Many were disappointed in the third game which went from 2D to 3D and had some gameplay changes. One group of fans went so far as to create an unofficial sequel to the second game and even got some of the original voice talent on board. This is one of the most ambitious and well done fan games ever made.

  • *shakes head* (nsfw)

  • Eye of the Beholder II has been remade as Dungeon Eye. It's an old school dungeon crawler which I'm guessing was very popular based on the excellent wiki entry (good job Giant Bomb).

  • The Fallout 2 Restoration Project aimed to add back content that was planned by the devs but didn't make it into the game. It includes new areas and quests in addition to major additions and fixes made to the game's existing content. I wasn't planning to add mods to this list, but the goal of this one is very different than most and I thought that it fit.

  • Freeciv is based on the first couple of Civilization games with some improvements seen in later games.

  • FreeCol is a remake of Colonization, a strategy game about colonizing the new world. It's similar to Civilization and unsurprisingly, FreeCol was made by the same people who did Freeciv.

  • Ever tried to play a text adventure game and felt that you were born just too late to be able to appreciate them? Someone remade The Hitchhiker's Guide, a classic of the text games, as a graphical adventure. It's a little rough, but insane and awesome that he tackled it.

  • A Turrican fan made his own entry in the series and titled it Hurrican. It definitely captures the feel of the original and even has a level editor.

  • If you love adventure games but hate all that pointing and clicking there is one guy who has your back. He recreated The Secret of Monkey Island as a text adventure for the ZX Spectrum.

  • The Silver Lining is an unofficial sequel to the King's Quest series. This probably the most official one on the list as it was given an okay by Activision and allowed to be distributed on a non-commercial basis.

  • Fans of Star Control II was remade for modern systems as The Ur-Quan Masters and can be found at

  • Wing Commander Saga is a fan made game built using the Freespace 2 engine. Wing Commander Saga Prologue is available now with their flagship campaign "The Darkest Dawn" coming soon.

  • Someone remade part of Zelda II as a FPS. No, I don't know why. I suspect drugs.