Hidden Eastereggs in Ys: Memories of Celceta

Hey y'all, I've been playing through this wonderful game Ys recently, and ran into some cool little easter eggs the localization team put in there, and wanted to share them to people.

Ys is an action RPG similar to Secret of Mana, but in 3D, and somewhat far into the game you run into these little creatures called Roo.

Roos have been in several of the games before, and in many of them they have their own Runic based language, and this game is no exception. When you first meet the Roo they talk in this language, and it is not until later in the game you receive an accessory that translates that language for you automatically that you can understand them.

However, it is possible to figure out the language before that point, either by guessing/reversing it from the in game dialog or by looking up the language used in the other games as they are the same. If you do so, and then manually translate some of the scenes with the Roo, you get some neat little Easter Eggs that the localizers threw in there.

So since I did that, I figured I would share these easter eggs with you. All of these dialogues are taken either from the in game Roo Memory or from talking to the Roo in the village the first time you meet them.

Have you heard about Ys?

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This conversation takes place between the three Roo in the scene. In the normal scene they are talking about the Great Roo's rumbling stomach ache, but if you translate it manually you instead get this neat little conversation trying to upsell you on the other Ys games (which I might add, are very good!)

Great RooProoseEmbarroosed
I got nothin.
Come in and know me better man!
Have you played the other Ys games?
Felghana is fantastic. Really great map design and super difficult.
Origins is more linear but has three main protagonists and a really good story
Seven is the game that introduced the engine you are playing now.
And Chronicles is the game that started it all. Bump to the beat!
Available now so play them all and buy them for all your friends!
Proose stop trying to sell them things! They already know Ys is great!
The Great Roo is waiting.
But I still have to tell them about Trails!
... okay. Fine. I will let them go. But you owe me Embaroosed.
It Is showtime!
(Great Roo Soooo Old!)
(Thank You)
(All hail Great Roo!)
(Great Roo is life!)
Haha... big time. I am on my way. I am doing it.


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This Roo does some quick shout outs to community people who presumably helped the localization team with this game.

Shout outs to brandchan. mp eighty three. deuce. kawaiisara. holychan.
zealboy. beeandcat. And special thanks...
gamemusicfreak and omgfloofy. You guys were a huge help.

I think I have a problem

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This dialog is actually somewhat close to the real dialog this Roo says when you can understand the language, but taken up to a much higher degree.

Listen listen. You like roda fruit?
Roda fruit is tasty.
Super sweet! Like honey!
Maybe even more than honey!
Like pure sugar. Made me super bouncy!
I think I have a problem.

The Next Generation

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This Roo spouts of the name of several episodes of Star Trek: TNG.

Cause And Effect. The Nth Degree. The Inner Light.
Remember Me!

It could be a Boat!

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Here we find a Fortune Teller Roo that gives the most predictable of fortunes, that Adol will likely Shipwreck in the future. (Many Ys Games involve Adol shipwrecking somewhere)

I am a fortunetelling roo. I read the leaves or some such thing.
Adol. You will have many problems with boats.

An Ill-Fated Love Triangle

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In this scene there are three Roos who appear to be competing for one's love (One of the Roos is of camera). This is also similar to their actual dialog once you have the translation bracelet, but ratcheted up to 11.

Romancing RooMaroolynObserving Roo
Maroolyn is beatiful. I want to rootire with her!
I am pretending I could not hear you.
You could not hear? I said you are beautiful!
I am going to stand over here now.
Talk to the paw!
Ooh Maroolyn yes yes yes get angry. I like you when you are angry.
More vibrations! Shake me more!

One Liners

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There are also several Roo that just have one off lines referencing other things.

If you can read this I am standing behind you with a crowbar.
One of these days Great Roo. Pow! Right in the kisser!
You will feel my fists of fury!
All of life is pain.

Anyways, I thought this was fun to see, and hopefully anyone who reads this does too! It's always good to see when a Localization team can inject a bit of their own spin into a game.

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