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@zombiepie I feel like I need to defend myself here. I said LR has the best dumb ending of a Final Fantasy ever, which it does, because it ties into Lightning selling french purses.

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I will be doing a stream on the 3rd to the 4th from 11 AM -> 12 PM. Going to be playing 25 hours of Kirby games for Kirbys 25th anniversary.

The tentative plan is to play through Kirby Dreamland (the first one) and Kirby Super Star Fully

Im planning on playing a bit of the other various kirby games to get a taste: Kirby Tilt N Tumble, Kirby Dreamcourse, Kirby 64 (If time play through?).

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Stream Link

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Hey yall, this extra life was great this year! Huge props to everyone who did a stream and helped the team!!!! (And to all those who are going to do it in the future as well)

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@audiobusting: Sorry, just posted a fix above, will be uploading fixed files some time tonight

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@jasonmasters: ah yes sorry about this, I have a fix coming just havent had time to upload it.

The simplest way to fix it right now is to edit the package.json file, and change the line that says "": "^1.2.0", or something similar, and remove that "^", delete the "node_modules" folder, and run run.bat again.

When I have the time I will upload a new version of it to the web server, but cant where Im at right now.

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Hey yall, Ill be doing a stream this weekend (Oct 29-30th) playing Paper Mario, come drop by

Also seeing people talk about stream assets and stuff, the templates I made for last year still work apparently and are up at

Havent had time to update them, but the components are modular (you can include them sans templates) so you can use it to constructs any fancy setup you want.

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    What Nethack? Who summoned me.

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    @benlaserlove: webm has compatibility issues (for example I believe it is not viewable on ios without the use of extension). pretty much everything supports animated gif.

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      @libb: I can confirm, you are one of the 10 people who play LoL who play dominion

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      Modders dont have to care about compatibility/design/support/etc. They don't have to worry about the trade-offs when it comes to this stuff.

      For example the local co-op thing in RE, theres a good chance that was removed not because they couldn't implement it, but just because the trade off wasn't worth it. There is *always* a trade off. The trade off here is giving access to local co-op vs having to support local co-op. It may not seem like much, but im sure enabling local co-op opens up a huge can of worms. You'd have to do more testing, youd have to do more work to make sure that it works on every machine that the game supports, and im sure there are edge cases youd run into. You also are adding just another area where bugs or other things can manifest and break the game. Basically your multiplying your work here and at the end of the day you have to weigh that against how many people want to play local co-op on PC (which isnt very many). They obviously decided it wasn't worth the upkeep on PC (which is a much more fragmented platform than say a console, so would require more work to make sure this works across many different devices), and ripped it out.

      In the Skyrim place thats mostly a case of Design. The original Skyrim interface had to be designed not just for hardcore players, but for anyone who is going to play that game ever. That runs the gambit from people who are just renting a game from GameFly, to your players who have never played an RPG before, to your hardcore people who have played every thing in the series. For that kind of problem you need a design on your UI that is both functional and accessible. Once again its a trade off. They struck for a balance that maybe isnt as efficient or as detailed on the functional side in order to create a UI that was more discoverable and accessible for new players. (With the knowledge that the more advanced players would just mod it).

      In both these cases the mods are "easy" because the people making the mods dont need to worry about a larger audience. They tend to develop for a much smaller audience (the # of people who install mods is very low) and also dont need to care about supporting their mods and making sure they run on a wide range of devices. Nobody gets particularly angry when a mod doesn't work.

      The reality is the programming part of making anything is actually the easiest part. The hard part is designing it at a higher level and making these calls on what your willing to trade off in terms of functionality/design/support/bugs.