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2014's Bullshit Games for Tasteless Chucklebusters (GOTY 2014)

I was inspired by another GB user this year to be more terse with my GOTY list this year. So I decided to do this entire list within the 140 character limit (give or take for punctuation) that twitter imposes.

Also before people get super angry at me, I don't have a next gen console (or great PC) so I skipped a lot of those releases this year (Shadow Of Mordor), in favor of playing them next year.

List items

  • Stories not as good as XIII-2, but its crazier. Super fun gameplay, styling heroine, open world Final Fantasy. Again super fun gameplay.

  • Doesn't have the highs of Dark Souls, but doesn't have the lows. Souls are still solid gameplay, so still super fun. Great DLC.

  • Super adorable game. Isn't pushing any boundaries, but the story is just super fun to see and has a lot of charm.

  • Best kirby game in a while. Not doing anything too radical with Kirby, but that formula is still fun.

  • I love smash bros. Super fun game to play with friends, online works way better than Brawl. Also it acknowledges Star Force/Battle Network.

  • Great mechanics, incredible art, interesting story.

  • Great follow up to Costume Quest 1. Bit short, just like the original game, but what's there is very fun. Great writing.

  • Really solid Mario Kart, super fun to play online, great DLC. Luigi Death Stare.

  • FMV Isn't Dead. Dave Lang's Turnover. Fun little puzzle game with some great humor. Let's go Georgio.

  • It's Assasins Creed 4 but again. I loved Assasins Creed 4, I am quite enjoying this game. <3 Collectables, Fuck Legendary Ships.