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2017 Too Many Good Video Games

There were too many good video games this year, here is a list of the 10 ones I enjoyed the most.

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  • I love the Zelda formula, so I was skeptical about this game. However, this game blew me away with its sense of adventure and discovery. I don't normally love open world games, but this managed to get me all in on it to the point where I kind of don't want to play any other open world game thats not as good.


    XIV continues to knock it out of the park with amazing expansions that are somehow better than some of the other mainline final fantasies (looking at you XV)

  • This is maybe the best Mario game ever made? Its so fucking good.

  • No ones heard of this one, but this was a blast from the past. Used to play a lot of Kingdom of Loathing, and this game has all the charm of that game, but with a pretty good modern RPG fighting system.

  • I played this game on SAFE mode, which improved it greatly. The combat and dungeons in this game arent great, but they never have been in Persona. You come for the goofball characters and story, and this game had both in great supply.

  • Never played Yakuza before this one, and now I regret not being fully into this series. This game is insane in the best of ways.

  • A good metroidvania that doesn't over stay its welcome.

  • Great co-op game to play with friends. Difficult but fair game.

  • Nails the style of the show, while providing a decent Paper Mario style combat system. Basically just a bigger version of the phone game, which was also good.

  • Note: The Beta

    I originally had Destiny 2 here on #10, but after curse of osiris I bumped it out, the MHW Beta I had more fun with? so its my #10