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LtSquigs: Best of 2009

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  • This game was awesome. Right from the get go the story managed to entice me. Every spare moment of free time that I had after this was released was spent playing this game. It's a stunning return to the classic RPG action that games like Neverwinters Nights and Baldurs Gate used. The dark story was really interesting, and the choices you had to make were never easy.

  • I almost hate myself for liking the Kingdom Hearts story. Yes the story is all wonky and kind of cheesy, but it still manages to worm itself into my heart. Roxas was probably my favorite character from Kingdom Hearts II, even if you only played him for a short time in the front of the game.

    The actual game play in this game is lacking at times, its essentially the exact same as KH I. They try to introduce this whole grid like system where you can equip abilities, levels, potions and such. Unfortunately, this grid system is at times too encumbering (seriously I have to equip levels?) and yet also not complicated enough, there was never really a time where I found myself struggling to choose what I needed to equip.

    However, despite this, I really did enjoy the story in this game. It's a real heart renderer that just chokes at you till the very end, and man what an end it is. This gets such a high spot on my list if for no other reason than the fact that is one of the hand full of games that have actually managed to make me shed a tear.

  • One of the funniest games of 2009. I've really enjoyed all of the Mario RPG spin-offs, they all just have a really good feel to them. What makes this type of game stand out is that you never feel like your not doing something in battles, there is always something for you to be pressing to dodge or to counter attack or to attack. This is the key to making an RPG not boring, as long as you can make me feel like I'm doing something in the battle and not just wasting time in menus. The game play also combines with a brilliant story that is funny and endearing.

  • I did not play the original Monkey Island. I know, its shameful. So when the remake came out I just had to play it. This game still holds up as being one of the funniest games ever made. I could not put the game down, played it from start to end in one session.

  • I missed out on the diablo wave, so this was really my first introduction to this type of game. I've only had the game for a short time, however this game has managed to absorb me for more hours than I would care to mention. While I never played diablo I can still appreciate the improvements they made, such as the ability to hold down the mouse clicks instead of having to repeatedly click. This game managed to bite me in the ass with the loot craze and managed to steal large quantities of my time.

  • This game managed to demand my attention from start to end. Its a solid 2D fighting game that also combines puzzle game play. While moving along in the 2D world you kill enemies to progress, however these enemies become pieces in a puzzle game that plays on the bottom screen that you must also play to not die. I found this combination to work very well and was very interesting. The quirky and hilarious story also helped in making this a great game.

  • The most fun I had in multi-player this year. I only managed to rent this game, as I did not have enough money to justify buying it, however the short time I had this game for was one of the funnest times I had all year. It's essentially a classic 2D mario game, very reminiscent of Super Mario, but what really seals this game as being great is the co-operative play. You don't really know fun until you've "Accidentally" managed to jump on one of your friends causing him to die by falling in a pit.

  • After watching the persona 4 endurance run and having a friend talk up persona 3, I grabbed this game just cause it had Shin Megami Tensei in the title. I found a very intriguing story and a very solid tactical rpg. The game is a combination of tactic games with turn based games, where the turn based portions are reminiscent of Magi Nation.

  • I picked this up after seeing the quick look and was pleasantly surprised by this game. This game takes the best parts of pikman and combines it with the oddly addicting nature of a harvest moon game. Mix in the quirky world, the public domain music, and the tone of the game and you get a fun little experience.

  • I had a lot of fun playing this game with friends, even if I just rented it for a short time this was probably one of the best multi-player experiences I had this year.