Best of 2010

LtSquigs: Best of 2010

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  • One of the best games I have ever played. The simplified elements help keep the arbitrary RPG progression out of the way of the actual fighting and story, while still having enough around to feel like you are progressing. The characters aren't as good as dragon age but the universe and the story are more gripping, and the characters are still really good.

  • Dude it's Starcraft. As a huge fan of the first game, it's a no-brainer that this is one of my favorite games of this year. However it's not just blind fanboy love that brings this up so high. This game manages to be both faithful to the original game and yet completely changed in so many subtle ways that makes it incredibly enjoyable.

  • I love donkey kong country. I can still go back to those original 3 games and play the hell out of them. This game is basically just another donkey kong country, nothing really new or complex but super fun.

  • It doesn't add much to the Mario formula and some people have accused it of just being a map back for Galaxy 1. Screw those people, this game is fun as hell and endlessly enjoyable. Easily a great game.

  • This game is broken. Super janky and full of messed up bugs. However, it is insanely enjoyable, and I don't know why. The concept is really simple, a medieval simulator, however it is oddly addicting. After spending over 26 hours playing this game this year I have to give it props.

  • Some people have complained that this game is a simplified dumb down version of Civ 4, those people can screw off. This game is simplified but not dumbed down, its just as complex as Civ 4 but far more enjoyable because of the easier to use interface. This is my favorite entry in the series so far and really enjoyable.

  • This wasn't as good as Season 2 but still really funny and really enjoyable. Good fun if you love adventure games.

  • I'm conflicted about this one. The story is fairly interesting, the characters are well developed, and the game play is pretty fun. However, the formula for kingdom hearts is kind of grating on me. You fly around go to a Disney world, get a few cut scenes, beat a boss and fly off. It's the same formula every KH game has followed and I hope that they start to change it up.

  • Ok so it's not obvious if this game counts as a game from this year or if it even is a game. However, I have sunk far too much time into it not to give it some props.