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You have your opinion, but you have to know that Assassins Creed is a game with a straordinary story, and if you like AC you have to like learn the story, the AC II and the AC III have a INTRODUCTION, and I loved it, a slow introduction for we understand all the history, Assassins Creed is not a game just to you have fun and start playing, even having a amazing system of fight, parkour, and all the things of the game... but anyway, for me Assassins Creed III is with the best introduction

Thanks to the fact of we play with Haytham and after discotver that he is a templar....

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Of course will have another assassins creed to reveal what happens after all this, and it's much probable that will continue being with Connor, cause in the epilogue shows Connor realizing that the freedom was only for whites, and that the freedom he fought so hard, he had not yet achieved, so is probable that the next AC will be he fighting for this. And about Desmond, everything makes we think that Desmond died but I think that maybe in the next AC everyone will think that he died, but Desmond will be live on earth, I don't know how, but have this possibility. But if not, William Miles (Desmond's Father) have the same ancestors.

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Please help, I am trying to do 100 % of the game, so I am doing the delivery requests, everything was okay in the other delivery requests, but now on the items of the of the EASTERN NEW YORK, I already have all the items, but after I got the last thing, nothing happened, Did not appeared the message for I talk with my contact, I cannot deliver the items, why? Someone knows what is happening? Thanks