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Going HD for the first time..

So this week, i'm finally getting enough cash to buy an HDTV (i got about $250). I've been gaming on a laughably small SD TV forever so... this is BIG. 

 Bye bitch
 Bye bitch

 there it is! 19
 there it is! 19" LCD Toshiba..

 ...and my bulldyke of a Demon's souls character
 ...and my bulldyke of a Demon's souls character

Any suggestions in terms of TVs i should get? I don't really know or care about the difference of 720p or 1080p i just want HD. Also, my room isn't huge, so a small TV isn't a problem. 
List of Ps3 games: 
Demon's Souls
Assassin's Creed 2
Metal gear solid 4
Dragon Age: Origins
Marvel vs Capcom 2
..and soon FFXIII
are any of the latter games worth going back to just to see how it looks like in HD?
UPDATED!: got my TV and im pretty happy with it!