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Best of 2010

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  • This game is one of the worst constructed games in the history of games. If games were graded for craftsmanship, this one would get a -∞. The actual game though, is one of the best RPG games I've played since Demon's Souls and Oblivion

  • Having played Deus ex for the first time this year, I've developed somewhat of an affinity towards First Person Adventure, Shooter RPG type games. I loved the first Bioshock, but not exactly for the same reasons as everyone else. I found the characters in this game to be more compelling, the game mechanics to be more robust, and the ending to be more satisfying than the first Bioshock.

    I think that makes this a successful sequel. Oh, and the multiplayer isn't bad either.

  • My tastes for Final fantasy games are a little weird. My favorites include FF2, the DS version of FF3, FF tactics, FFXII, and this one. What do these all have in common? They're all either hated or overlooked by the fanbase.

    What does this mean? Fans suck balls

  • After God of war 3 left me severely dissapointed, and being a big Castlevania fan, I went into this one with great skepticism. This game left me with a bit of hope for the Castlevania series (which has been going stale since the 3rd DS game).

    The game had interesting combat mechanics (similar to DMC with more focus on individual enemies and a small bit of crowd control) as well as a fresh take on the Castlevania mythos.

  • I bought this game for my little brother who loves playing online shooters but decided to give it a go. The single player campaign was really fun and the multiplayer was exhilarating. It also a great place to do some griefing.

    Yup. I'm that guy