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There Was An XBL Update!

 I'm on Live and all of sudden there's an update I'm like what the heck yes. I was so excited the new update awesome they got it finished so early. After the update was finished absolutely nothing happened. WTF! Did this happen to you.


Buy Rainbow Six Vegas 2 or Bunch of MS Points?

 Well i want to buy some episodes from the show Burn Notice, i also want to get a gears of war 2 theme its only 80MS points. I also want to get the new geometry wars and Bionic Commando Rearmed. But then again Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a good game and i don't want miss out on it because eventually people stop playing it. What should I buy?


My COD4 and Battlefield:Bad Company Reviews

 THEY ARE SHORT! I don't really write reviews so im not so good.

            Battlefield:Bad Company
I  expected a good game and I played I great game. The single player is very well thought out and has  a very immersive feeling. Theres more to this game besides just blowing stuff up thats a big part but not the biggest. What I really like about the game is all the different approaches you have to playing it. You can go silent like or you can destroy everything and watch as your enemies run in fear. But one thing that many games are missing is co-op play where is it! There is only one level where you couldn't but the rest is perfect.Campign has plentiful of replay value for you gamerscore whores who want to collect everything. One thing you don't see anywhere in any other game is the open world concept in a first person shooter.  I Give Single Player:4/5

   Now the multiplayer is not like call of duty 4 so don't try playing it like call of duty 4. Sorry campers you're gonna need fight. The kit system is very simple to use the higher your rank the better your weaponary is. But you really have to anylyze the situation your going in you don't want to go shotgun when you respsawn next to your buddy who is a sniper. When you first play Battlefield:BF the first time on LIVE you will die more times than you can count but you will get the hang of it. Its hard to review multiplayer because its SO BIG. I give multiplayer.5/5

                                                                      !Must Have!

         Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare
he backbone to COD4 is its muliplayer,the game has crack in it I could seriously go for six hours non stop. Multiplayer is so well thought out, the class system is what makes you keep going because you have to play to progress. Unlike in some games you have money and at your tenth time playing you have the best gun. It does not work that way this is a very strategic battlefield you have to watch every corner look through every window you never who's camping. Camping this is the cheapest and most effective way of getting points but if someone throws a cooked grenade you're done for. Now the perks they are awesome they can mean the difference bettween life and death, or winning. For example I'm playing in one level the begining of the level my friend climbs up a latter an RPG comes out of nowhere and he's dead. Multiplayer 10/10.
     The campign mode is awesome but too short. Really too short,  I only had the game two days and I passed on regular. But the storyline is much more immersive because it takes place now not WW2. There are three acts the second which to me is the shortest and hardest. It was also a shame that it did not have co-op. The campign is compelling. Finding enemy intel nows thats fun you can get all sorts of cheats and funny things. Like throw one grenade out pop out five. Stuff like the multiplayer and campign give COD4 a well deserved pat on the back.

Giant Bomb Is Destroying Gamespot///How to post Youtube Videos///

   I have never been this addicted to a website I love it it got 10,000 members in 2 days. if you look at gamespot two weeks ago there was blogs everyday from everyone and the soapbox was getting new editorials everyday. Now people spending more time here then there. Yea and I have a question how do you post youtube videos on here.


It's Too Hard To Decide, What To Do!

 Man Gamespot has half of my heart because i've been on it for a year. But Giant Bomb is special because of the staff who works here. This site is soo freaking amazing and so gamespot its gonna be hard to be on both, how would I do that they both have all my good friends. I guess i'll just copy and paste blogs.

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