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Geometry Wars 2 First Impressions/Killzone 2/ and much More!

WOW! Geometry Wars in extremely fun and addictive but the sequel even better. I bought the game yesterday and I was in the top 2000 in the leaderboards on the game mode Pacifism. Well here are some of my thoughts expect the full review when I get to crank out the multiplayer.

         Deadline: Simple Geometry Wars you have a time limit to collect the most points. The longer you stay alive the greater the variety and number of enemies will come at you. But having infinite lives helps.
  King:  In this mode you can only shoot in these circle areas but you can't stay in there forever because they implode. Which means you go the the next circle but watch you have one life.
           Evolved: Evolved has changed you get three lives and bombs in the beginning of the game and after every 100,000 points you earn another life. I find this the hardest mode because your enemies just keep on getting harder and harder an you can only use one weapon.
    Pacifism: In this mode you are stripped of your weapons and you have to lure your enemies near these gates. Once they're near enough go to through the gate and your enemies will explode. You have one life and zero bombs.
     Wave: in this mode you have one life zero bombs and the point is to destroy these rocket looking things that come in rows one after another. 
               Sequence: I cannot pass this mode it is really hard you go form level to another killing all sorts of enemies that come from everywhere. You have three lives and bombs.
                I have tested out the multiplayer yet. Moving On

       What is the hype about Killzone 2 i understand the 2005 trailer looked good but I'm really not the impressed especially since the first Killzone got bad reviews, 6.8/10 on gamespot. Moving further a long. 

            Who here is getting Mercenaries 2:World in Flames for the 360. I really want to play some co-op  online but i don't think any of my friends are gonna get it. Bye for now.