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Well I'm Back on Giantbomb! If U Guys Can Remember Me!

  It's since Feburary that I haven't been logined in into this site. So I'm back do pretty much the same old stuff gears, cod, stuff like that. I've always wanted to get the gamertags of some of my closer friends here on Giantbom so u pm it to me or just put in the comments. So anyway E3 was very cool this years Natal took me by suprise but I want to see some really devolpers get interested in it. I'm actually really excited for ODST even though I wasen't before and I wasen't that fond of halo 3. Oh yeah and you know that prep shit on past blog forget it. Although I occusioanlly wear hollister etc. I think I'm pretty down to earth guy. So I want hear what's been happening with everyone and I'll be on the forums in a couple minutes alright that's all for now.