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I Was Suprised 0

   I  expected a good game and I played I great game. The single player is very well thought out and has  a very immersive feeling. Theres more to this game besides just blowing stuff up thats a big part but not the biggest. What I really like about the game is all the different approaches you have to playing it. You can go silent like or you can destroy everything and watch as your enemies run in fear. But one thing that many games are missing is co-op play where is it! There is only one level ...

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Addicting I Played For HOURS! 0

  The backbone to COD4 is its muliplayer,the game has crack in it I could seriously go for six hours non stop. Multiplayer is so well thought out, the class system is what makes you keep going because you have to play to progress. Unlike in some games you have money and at your tenth time playing you have the best gun. It does not work that way this is a very strategic battlefield you have to watch every corner look through every window you never who's camping. Camping this is the cheapest and m...

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