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A mix of some of my all-time favorites, favorites of this generation, and other favorites. 

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  • Ummm... what can I say? #1 favorite game of all time, that's what. I have done everything possible there is to do in this amazing piece of software. With that said, I know better than to play it again. I've ruined too many good memories of old games that way. At this point, I'm thinking that I will not/dare not touch the DS Remake.

  • I must have spent a couple hundred hours or more playing this game

  • My favorite fighting game, ever. I still play this almost every other week or so with 3 of my buddies in San Francisco, on the PS2 and also in the Arcade even.

  • My favorite game of this generation. But man, some high profile company really needs to make a next-gen tactics game though, seriously. With super high AAA production values... like with full-on HD 3D graphics all around, an amazing/well written story, crazy depth, and with awesome gameplay systems. I don't expect this to happen in my life time though :p

  • Favorite Mario game. It was either this or Super Mario Bros. 3. I ultimately chose this, as it's the "better" game, even though Super Mario Bros. 3 was a better game for it's time. My memories of Super Mario Bros. 3 are probably more profound, but some of those memories are actually linked to something that hurts me emotionally, so that's another reason for going with World... it's more of a "happy" game for me :) I even made a full World Map of this Super Mario World for GameFAQs, which I may port-over to Giant Bomb one day.

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