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Zany, Entertaining Physics Puzzler 0

The concept is simple. You have a level with a pipe you need to reach in one area, and typically a starting point with a few goo-balls and a starting structure to build off of. The result, however, is zany structures, sometimes built at your leisure, but many times at a frenetic pace trying to balance a structure that's on the verge of collapse, or even to outrun a collapse (hint: this rarely works). Unlike many physics puzzlers, this game makes heavy use of real-time gameplay, and it will force...

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Compelling but Flawed 0

I got Far Cry 2 on launch day, not 100% sure of what to expect. I had seen the "do it your way" open world demos, I had seen the piece-of-cake map editor, I was hyped. What I found inside was a great concept with a number of bad design choices.The game is beautiful maxed out, although perhaps not on par with Crysis' visuals, but at the same time the engine is a lot kinder to hardware than Crysis. There are lush jungles, desolate deserts, sprawling savannahs, and cramped urban centers. The weathe...

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