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I'm getting a "you need to be premium" error on the Roku app for the latest Resident Evil 2 playdate. Only for that video. I tried reinstalling the app and then relinking my account but still the same issue.

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I want to participate but man am I out of ideas. Lang Attack was fun to make last year, though. I was thinking about doing a Unity game this year but I'm so out of practice with that engine.

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I am here to confess my crimes.

Over a year ago I created a twitter bot, for fun, which uses markov chains ( to generate sentences. I wanted a bot which generated its own content - but that's impossible without source material for it to draw from.

At first I thought I'd just have it grab tweets randomly from the web and use those as its source for constructing new tweets. I tried this, but the bot ended up being boring. The sentences were just too random, and for some reason he'd often just tweet people's names... so I scrapped him.

I decided that what the bot lacked was a personality. Its tweets needed to come from a singular person, not hundreds of different people. So, as a test, I made a bot which only used Dan Ryckert's tweets as its source material. It was then, in June 2017, that Vlugen was born.

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The tweets started making more sense (not completely) and definitely resembled the Dan we know:

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There was a lot of metal gear and taco bell. I wanted more though. I didn't just want a Dan Ryckert bot, I wanted something unique.

I restructured the database to allow bots to have defined "personalities," which would use multiple user's tweets as its source material and combine them to truly get wild. Over the next few weeks I added and removed many users to Vlugen. Several weeks later I think I perfected the monstrosity. Vlugen's soul was now split into four: Dan Ryckert, Bakoon, Dril, and Casey Malone.

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After this I just let him run. He logs in, makes a decision between tweeting, retweeting random people, following a trend, following a random user, or just doing nothing. He sleeps at 10pm every night and wakes up at 8am every morning. Sometimes he takes a long hiatus from twitter and comes back. He's been tweeting for months. He has followers, he gets confused direct messages every once in a while. Today he made fun of some kid's shitty pushups.

Here he is. I just needed to share.

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I think this is the absolute best one to get into the series with. It's the first one with any real attempt at tutorials, and they seem to be doing a good job with it.

I've only played MH4U on the 3DS and only used the Insect Glaive because that's the only one I knew how to use. I could've looked up videos and found another one I liked, but I didn't want to. Like you said, it was all too obtuse. With the beta for this game, though, I've naturally tried out other weapons and picked them up pretty fast without needing to watch tutorial videos or look up a wiki. The game is just way better at introducing you to a weapon and letting you naturally figure out how best to use it.

With the exception of the horn. Had to video that one,

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I noticed that the GBE Playdate: Life is Strange 12/11/2015 video is missing from the Playdate video category in the Roku app.

Also the "Choose Our Own Adventure" series isn't in there at all.

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Mine updated automatically, just a heads up. Do you need any info on how the app is behaving or anything?

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@belegorm: Oh yeah then. Some resistance exercise would likely take care of that.

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@belegorm: Stomach fat is usually the last thing to go. If you continue the course then you should eventually lose it.

If you want to really take care of it quickly then you can actually count calories for a while. Download something like MyFitnessPal and log your food. Calculate your TDEE and then subtract about 500 calories from it to lose 1lbs a week until that belly is gone.

I've been losing weight since December. I'm down 40lbs. The first 11 or so was from calorie counting, but I got impatient so I started hitting the gym about 3 months ago. Cardio and weight training helps boost fat burn for sure.

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I previously said my project files would be available for download if anybody wanted them, but as of a few days ago I couldn't access my hard-drive anymore... I haven't troubleshooted at all yet, so I'm hoping it hasn't completely failed.

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@boatorious: I also skipped the ones with the big downloads. I had nothing against them, I just only have about an hour after work to rate games and I had to prioritize the web-playable and small download ones.

I think will adjust scores down if you have less ratings than average as well. So if you look at your raw scores they might be better than the final ones.

@zandravandra I think in the future we should have a little write-up or warning for game size just so people are aware that keeping the game download size low will help the ratings portion go smoother. There's also quick and easy ways to keep game download sizes lower for a lot of popular game engines out there.