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A rough and incomplete list of games I've played this year.

A list of games I played that came out this year that I remember. The ordering isn't specific, only how much I remember playing it.

List items

  • A really interesting and cute rhythm game that left a really strong impression on me.

  • The latest Touhou game!

  • Specifically on this list because of shadowkeep. Given that I'm probably going to put FFXIV: Shadowbringers on this list as well I'll count it.

  • Dunno why this gets a specific entry but shadowkeep doesn't, but whatever.

  • This remake is really good and fun and scary! Enjoyed a lot, though did not finish.

  • Really strong desire to go back to this. Really love hunter style games.

  • I enjoyed this game enough to grind out the last of the achievements in it. The story itself isn't strong, but the gameplay has great variety in terms of weapons, spells, and enemy variety, along with a bunch of fun bosses.

  • Fuck.

  • I really want to play more of this as well. I get anxious that I might be holding back a team by being new since the community has gotten significantly better since launch and i started playing late, but it has some really fun mechanics.

  • I didn't finish it because I got distracted, but I enjoyed what I played. On one hand I love the contrast of bright neon colors with the barren desert, on the other other hand I wish they leaned more into the neon.

  • I love the art style and gameplay of this game. It has a very strong sense of atmosphere and the sound design is fantastic.

  • A really simple game that could be played either for creating aesthetically pleasing settlements and cities, or you could utilize the space for score. So many interesting ways to play this.

  • I really love the atmosphere that failbetter games injects into their games. The gameplay itself is not super strong, but the writing and world itself more than make up for that.

  • I forgot about this for a bit because I got distracted by Bloodstained, but it is really good. Very fun twist on the necrodancer mechanics and melding them with all of the elements that make a Zelda game Zelda.

  • Its hard to tell with games that are constantly in development, but I think this counts? They consider it a beta, but its constantly getting patched and improved. I've been having a good time with it, though its not good at incentivizing you to play a lot.

  • Similar situation to TFT. Is this out for realsies? When I played it it was fairly barebones, but I enjoyed it none the less. Less so than TFT, however.