Maybe MGS4

I'd have another reason to go for a stealthier approach this time... rather than running and gunning, skipping all the cutscenes :)


Visiting Santa Cabeza

Oh August, how I do love thee. You give me time to catch up on games I never totally completed, I wanted to play again or I never even started. After all, other than finishing Braid, playing some Madden (read: unlocking the Here's A Guy and Midway pts) and playing the perennial Rock Band, there's still a significant wait my most anticipated games of the year to begin hitting retail.

Sure, this week brings Too Human--I'll be playing that fo sho--and I need to fiddle with the Fable 2 pub games, but Little Big Planet, Force Unleashed, Saints Row II, Gears 2 and Fallout 3 are all a ways off.

Just finished Dead Rising (finally!) yesterday; what a game! I know, I know, took me forever, but at least I did it.

Now I have to get to work on the following games bofre the madness of fall and winter descends upon my schedule.

All of these games are in one of the aforementioned categories.

Where should I start?

Oblivion - still have Thieves, Mages and Fighter's Guilds to finish... Shivering Isles, wish I could play uou again for the first time
Bully - almost beat it on PS2, going back for Achievers
The Incredible Hulk - uh, I don't think I'll be finishing this... that race against the guided missles to fight Tim Roth suxz
Battlefield Bad Company - another FPS?
Alone In The Dark - Do I REALLY have to?
Bionic Commando: Rearmed - This is actually fun... I'm on Area 4 or something.
LEGO Indiana Jones - my 4-year-old son loves this... I should say he loves jumping off of cliffs
GTA IV - In Alderny somewhere wishing I could base jump
Half Life 2, Ep 1, Ep 2 - Do I REALLY want the gamerscore?
LEGO Star Wars II - my son loves this but you already know that...
Assassin's Creed - 3 assassinations in, bored of pickpocketting and saving citizens I'll never see again
Frontlines Fuel Of War - ain't going to happen.
Kane & Lynch - fighting the behemoth truck unsuccessfully 6 times after seeing my wife shot in cold blood just took it out of me
Viking - never started
Overlord - burned a few fields, got some minions drunk then burned said minions...
Condemned 1 & 2 - did they ever fix the achievements for 1? The gamerscore for 2 sux.
The Darkness - was pretty fun...
Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Fighting underwater somewhere...
Blue Dragon - didn't I play this 10 years ago on my Gameboy (you, Breath of Fire)
Eternal Sonata - was Chopin a gamer?
Lost Odyssey - 45 hours in and still on disc 2? Don't think so...
FEAR Files - I reviewed this for OXM but all the gamerscore was unlocked on my debug... ugh
Quake 4 - I either finished this or Prey... aren't they the same game?
Just Cause - I got too distracted fooling around with the parachute and capping sandinistas to finish this game...