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Fans Disappointed with FFXIII, Will this be better?

 I am reading up on a lot of Final Fantasy fans and players who are disappointed, and even disgusted with FFXIII. Most of the complaints im seeing is that it's too linear, the battle system is exploited by just attacking constantly, the game is just another generic JRPG, etc. 
 I'm still going to be giving this game a chance since it has yet to hit the U.S. (and i really like the FF series), but with these disappointments i see hope in VersusXIII. 
I really hope that Square-Enix are putting most, if not all, of their "A" team on this project now that XIII is released. I am now thinking to myself that this will be the true FFXIII that the fans and players would want. 
Sure we dont know much about VersusXIII right now, but from the few trailers that were released it looks really beautiful. The latest trailer that i have seen was the one that came with FFVII:Advent Children Complete, and maybe the last bit of the trailer was gameplay, maybe it was pre-rendered, all i know is that it left me wanting. From what i've heard regarding the battle system, it is something like Kingdom Hearts. That is only what i heard, only Square-Enix knows truly what the battle system is like.
Of course like everyone else, im still waiting for more info on this game. but from what little i know, i am hopeful.