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Went back to Aion, for 1.9...?

Since this summer i am going to go back to working full time instead of taking classes over the summer, i decided to go back to either WoW or Aion. At first i reactivated my WoW account, but after being out of it for almost 2 years, the game just started to look dated. And i am pretty much a noob among the elites of player who play WoW by now. I never had a character past level 25 since i always loose interest by the time i get there. 
So i reactivated my Aion account since i am more interested in that than WoW, and i read that they just rolled out 1.9 which added and changed some neat things. The reason i quit Aion before was that the grind was just terrible when i got around level 22. But since i am going to have more time to play, the grind shouldn't be much of a problem. So i created a new character and forgot how beautiful the game was. Now im on level 12 and enjoying it. And i pretty much transferred all the cash my old char had and gave it to my new one which helped.
My number 1 problem with MMO's is that i dont have people to play with. So im just wondering if anyone recently went back to Aion or are still playing?