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Best game so far 0

OMG i love this game. Solid snake returns for his "final?" (yes) mission. If you've been following the metal gear series from start to finish, you will not be disappointed with this game. The closure of the Solid Snake saga is one of the best endings in gaming.GAMEPLAY:First off, this is a stealth tactical espionage game. Meaning that staying stealth plays a "big" part of the game. Sure u can "Run n' Gun," but if you try that in the higher difficulty levels, you will just see yourself being mowe...

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Its more about the multi-player 0

I got this game on its release and i must say it met my expectations. I've spent most of my time online than the single player. To me its all about the multi-player. The single player campaign, to me, is kinda hard (even on its normal difficulty). I find myself  constantly healing and getting gunned down. And your "comrades" are worthless. The multi-player blew me away. You choose from different classes and each of them have their own uses. Im either using Recon or Support.Graphics wise it looks...

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