TEKKEN (2010) comparing it to the game.

Tekken (2010) was as good as any video-game based movie, meaning not that good. The casting was fine but only going by the characters looks, as I have no idea who half these people are. But I'm not writing this to talk about how the movie was no, but rather, how close it came to the popular franchise I grew up with and cherished. While it did not bring my opinion of Tekken any lower, it certainly may make some fans face-palm.   
WARNING: These quips may contain spoilers!
1. Costumes: 
The costumes were almost identical to the games. It's obvious the main focus here was on instant character recognition and they nailed it here. Every costume were either exactly like the video-game character's costume (Bryan Fury, Dragunov) or just minor differences (The flame on Jin's pants is blue intead of red) and the hairstyles were spot-on. The only characters they really overhauled were Steve Fox and Kazuya to an unrecognizable state. Steve looked like some WWE wrestler wearing leather and Kaz had the cliche'd 'bad guy' look (you know the one, gelled hair, goatee, yep) and I didn't know who was who until someone said their names.  
2. Fighting Styles: 
Mixed bag here. Jin fought Kung Fu style, like a martial-arts movie hero should. Eddy's capoeira was like any capoeira fighter. But the biggest letdown was Raven. My second best reduced to very bland boxing/frantic kicking. He's introduced as a 'ninja' and does nothing 'ninja' at all. He doesn't come close to his game alter-ego which quite frankly, isn't that hard to imitate. Big dissapointment from Rave-party. I'd say the one who stays truest to his game self would have to be Dragunov. His actor's definetly played some Tekken and does a fine job imitating his style and all his moves seemed to be taken right outta the game. Too bad he only has like 5 seconds of screen time before he's killed by Bryan. Heihachi becomes this frail old guy who can't even fight which is the complete opposite of what he is in the games. Also, Anna never even fights. What the hell?  
3. Personalities: 
Everyone but the lead role, Kazuya Mishima and Marshall Law, ALL. WRONG. Miguel, the pissed off but calm spanish street-fighter becomes a trash-talking, all talk meathead who is way too egotistical and weak, NOTHING like the strong-willed Mig we all know and love. Nina's a whore as opposed to a badass. Anna's a whore (who I don't think has any lines...) which actually isn't too far from the game. Raven's got the monotoness but not much else. Dragu dosen't have enough lines to judge, Bryan's not loud and cocky enough (though he tries) and Christie's the lead's girlfriend. Heihachi was probably the most messed up. They get his bad guy demeanor down in the beginning but then he becomes this ''Honor! Wisdom!'' good guy by the middle. No, no NO! Heihachi is bad to the bone!! He's a badass! How can they fuck up Heihachi?? He's pretty much the star of Tekken!! Eddy's meh. 
4. Relationships: 
No study was taken of the game for this. First of all: Why the hell is fuggin' CHRISTIE the lead girl?? Sure she's possibly the hottest Tekken chick to fans (though I'll always stick by my girl Zaffy) but she has NOTHING to do with Jin in any game before Tekken 6, and this movie obviously does not take place in that era and even then, Christie wants to kill Jin... Also, Nina and Anna are like BFFs, because sisterly hatred in games transfers to partnership in movies.  
5. Overall: 
 I'd say the movie does well in the looks department and nothing else. The characters look like they're alter egos, but don't act like them. I said nothing about Yoshimitsu but only because he's always changing in the games so there's no trouble for that in the movie.The only one I'd say they nailed to the bone was Dragunov. He was absolutely perfect. So in all... 4/10. 
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