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#1 Posted by maartendc (21 posts) -

I just finished Chapter 6 last night, and I like how the game ends. Have not started the Epilogue yet.

I think it is totally fine that the story kills off Arthur in the end. Usually in open world games, I have zero desire to go back and do side missions after the main story is done. That somehow always felt weird to me, to go "back" after the story is over. Something about the narrative ending, breaks the game world for me. Which is fine.

So I actually prefer it this way.

Also, it didn't bother me at all that Chapter 6 had Arthur be sick and weak. In fact, to me it helped the narrative and made his side missions where he tries to redeem himself make sense. Great choice by Rockstar in my opinion.

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#2 Posted by maartendc (21 posts) -

@nutter: i'd say while the game is quite slow, if you mainline the story, it is not that long of a game. If you dont do all the side missions etc, you can finish it in about 40 hours or so.

The Witcher 3 for me felt a lot longer, more like 80 hours to complete. Totally worth it.

As a busy person myself, I thought RDR2 was definitely worth my time. (Really enjoyed Detroit as well).

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@totsboy: I actually enjoyed the game a lot at first, went downhill a bit in Chapter 5 (definitely the weakest chapter and didn't fit the story), but I am enjoying it more again in Chapter 6. I think Chapter 6 does a good job of expanding on Arthur's character. I would keep playing if I were you.

I do agree with you that the mission design is a bit repetitive and always a shootout. The game is basically a more polished version of the same game design they have done since GTA 3 now: just a map with a bunch of icons for people that give you missions, and a story that loosely ties it all together.

That is the game's biggest flaw in my opinion: Rockstar seem unable or unwilling to challenge themselves to make improvements to their formula. I guess it has been successful so far, but other games have since done a better job of giving you options on how to deal with missions, or give you diverse dialog options to deal with problems. It is antiquated at this point.

Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. The "world building" is the best in the business. It is so immersive, not only the side events, but just talking to your gang in camp, people going about their daily lives, etc. If Giant Bomb has a GOTY category for "best world" this game should definitely win it (since it is already clear it will never be GOTY).

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#4 Posted by maartendc (21 posts) -

I've punched my horse accidentally twice. Once pretty early on, and once last night. The second time, it actually fixed my horse bugging out (it was up on a rock and I couldnt mount it).

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#5 Posted by maartendc (21 posts) -

@humanity: I agree with that assessment. I played on a standard PS4, and performance is mostly fine. Even in cities it is mostly fine, apart from some framedrops here and there. Perfectly playable.

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#6 Posted by maartendc (21 posts) -

I found someone described it very well when they said: this is a game best enjoyed like a fine whiskey, in small sips and taking your time, rather than trying to chug it down.

I am a busy person with a full time job, and so I get to play this game only in bursts of maybe 1.5 - 2hrs (a mission or two after work, and some small side stuff each time). It has taken me since release to get to chapter 6 now, still not finished.

At this pace, none of the stuff that people complain about really bothers me: the long travel times (I never even use trains or stagecoaches), the forced slow walking, the slow animations, etc. I don't expect to rush through the game, so I just take my time with everything. I enjoy taking it all in.

I think some of the frustration that Dan mentioned on the Beastcast comes from the fact that he was trying to "100% the game" and probably get it played through as fast as possible (before GOTY etc). I could see those things being frustrating in that case.


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#7 Edited by maartendc (21 posts) -
@fear_the_booboo said:

Dan’s problems with the game are far more integral than the nitpicky stuff like the townsfolks aggroing on you for running into them, it’s just that when you already don’t like the game small stuff like that can become infuriating and it’s easy to point to.

I think the main, and really valid complaint, is the rigidity of the main quest. To an extent, even the open world stuff is extremely rigid, the most interesting stuff you can find are also heavily scripted sequences (the stranger stuff and the random encounters). At the end of the day I felt like only the hunting used the open world in its gameplay, and it is not super fun. Sure you can go and steal shit or do some open world hi-jinks, but there’s no good reason to do so. There’s stuff to find out there (like the meteor stuff Brad mentioned) but those are completely anecdotal.

Like the game has the exact same structure as Red Dead one. It’s basically a linear game in an open world. It’s not surprising to me that, a year after he loved BOTW, Dan is disappointed with how antiquated the design is there. Especially that he's not that interested in mood or story.

I personally think the game is straight up mediocre and I have the opposite sentiment as you have. Reading every critics basically gushing about it, it just felt like an homogenous group of opinions. Obviously I’m not saying nobody shouldn’t like the game, but everyone repeating the same opinions is boring. One thing I like about GB is that they’re willing to differ from other sites that have become extremely predictable, whether it’s championing games that didn’t get their due (ZombiU or Syndicate) or be critical of games that get 9s across the board.

I find it baffling that Dan hates Red Dead 2 so much. Because it is basically a bigger, prettier, updated and overall just better version of Red Dead 1, the game which he proclaims to love and was his "game of the generation".

I just don't understand it. I loved Red Dead 1, and I love this game equally.

If he hates this game, I don't understand why he loves Red Dead 1 so much. He is entitled to his opinion, but I just don't understand.

That being said, I did find most reviews of the game overly positive. For me the game is really good, but at the end of the day, it is still a Rockstar game with names on a map that you go to for missions. I would give it an 8/10 or a 9/10, not a 10/10. Similarly to every Rockstar Game, the story is all over the place, and incoherent (they can't just pick one antagonist and build a good story, no it is The Pinkertons, then it is the O'Discolls, then it is Leviticus Cornwall, then it is Fuzzar or whatever. They always try to tell 4 stories at once it seems, which diminishes the impact.

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#8 Edited by maartendc (21 posts) -
@ares42 said:

@maartendc: Personally I wouldn't be too bothered about the QTEs, more having to watch the entire story unfold yet again. However, you can ditch the Kara story-line (which I found the most pointless) pretty early on, which would drastically cut down on the content. Not sure how quickly you can end the Markus one though.

Yeah Honestly it seems like the Connor/Hank storyline has the most potential to have wildly different endings, after playing through 2 times myself and watching youtube endings. Wish you could limit yourself and play through 1 of the characters only.

A couple of endings for Connor I know about:

Once I played through with Connor he and Hank together ended up freeing the androids in the warehouse. However, depending on whether he gets shot, you get a fun "no I am the real connor" scene. Really cool scenes.

Another playthough, Connor and Hank end up on a rooftop when Connor wants to snipe Markus. Hank can either end up throwing Connor off the roof and vice versa!

Yet another playthrough, where Connor is not deviant and a total dick to Hank, Hank just ends up committing suicide in his house while connor is just outside!

The differences in the endings for Markus and Kara were pretty disappointing, and pretty similar, only relate to:

Whether or not you get to the bus terminal with Kara


Whether you want to Assault the camps with Markus or hold a peaceful protest.

The problem with Kara isnt that it is a bad story, but it is the story that has the most "pointless busywork" in it with few choices of consequence. (The chapter at Tod's house, the chapter at Rose's house, the chapter at the abandoned Themepark, etc.)

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#9 Posted by maartendc (21 posts) -


Yes I found it really interesting that you can kill all the characters, but at the same time, the QTE's are easy enough that you would have to do this on purpose. I wish there was more of a challenge where this would actually happen on accident.

@ares42: Indeed, some of the achievements seem really interesting, but I just cannot bring myself to play through that many times, just to get Connor killed each time. The problem is you have to play through ALL of the boring QTE's again. The game would benefit from some kind of "story mode" after 2 full playthroughs or something, where you can just make choices and see how it plays out, but you are not forced to do any of the "gameplay" / or fast forward some of the boring tasks?


Yeah I agree with you, the game is interesting, but some of the "non-good" or non-optimal endings are really weird and you feel the story wasn't supposed to go that way. I had two very opposite playthroughs, and I felt like Hank definitely wanted you to become deviant, and the story made more sense that way. If you never become deviant, and are a complete dick to Hank, his storyline kind of fizzles out.

In the end, I was kind of disappointed how similar both my playthroughs were, up to the final chapter. Even though I played the exact OPPOSITE with all characters. Only the final chapter is totally different, the rest is exactly the same story, with the only difference being the "flavor" of the choices you made.

I guess that is just the nature of trying to tell a coherent story, it can only vary so much. HOWEVER, I really wish at least the last 2-3 chapters of each character could be different (as in, different locations, meeting different NPC's, etc), instead of just the last chapter. That would help make different playthroughs more meaningful.

I feel like they are very close to perfecting this formula of game, but not quite there yet. They need to streamline the way in order to see all the endings a bit.

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#10 Posted by maartendc (21 posts) -

Hello everyone,

I've played through Detroit: become Human twice now (two full playthroughs), and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I played two very different games:

- Game 1: Played full pacifist with Markus, Connor became deviant and friends with Hank, and Kara and Alice missed the bus and ended in the concentration camp.

- Game 2: Played full terrorist with Markus, Connor was a dick to Hank and stayed machine, and Kara and Alice made the bus and escaped to Canada with Luther.

So I got two wildly different endings, but I was disappointed by how similar the early and mid game is. Now I am struggling with the idea of either selling the game or playing through again. I looked up some Youtube videos of alternate endings, and it seems there are subtle endings in between the ones I got, which are very cool and unexpected.

The problem is: you can't just replay the latter chapters of the game, because the choices you make early on do affect the game (public opinion, relationship with Hank, who you meet as Kara). However, the gameplay is almost identical early and mid-game.

So what would you do? Is it worth slogging through the repetitive parts of the game to see the different endings? (I know you can just Youtube the different endings, but that is not the same as experiencing them for yourself, is it?) This "problem" is exacerbated by the fact that the game is full of these "turn on faucet" / "clean up junk" type of "minigames", which I didn't mind the first playthough but got very boring the second playthough.

Long story short: I think the game is brilliant, and the story and alternate endings are its strongest point. BUT it suffers from the fact that in order to see the different endings, you have to slog through the boring gameplay aspects.

What are your throughts?


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