New year... More games!

Well, my Christmas Break is about to end... Sadly it was FAR too busy to be able to play all the things I had wanted to play.. I think I only finished a few games in the 3 weeks I had off! (to be fair I started my buying after I got back from PAX this year) Instead I bought more games! To help me finish them I have decided to write down all the games that I have purchased and hopefully this will help me clear out my stack of games before the next wave of awesomeness hits!  
 1. Uncharted 2.. I am on Chapter 24, I know I am almost done but I keep dying from the monsters!  
2. Halo 3 O.D.S.T- Have finished this, but stil need to play through one more time so that I can beat it on legendary 
3.  Brutal Legend- Finished, liked a few things about it but it ended up leaving more to be desired.  
4. Dirt 2- Not only did I finish it, but it is one of the few games that I have 1000/1000 in, I love this game.  
5. Fallout 3-- I am still playing this game. I have to finish Mothership Zeta and then I can finally put this game away for a little bit. 
6. Assassins Creed- I had wanted to beat this before the start of a new semester but Dragon Age has stopped my progress...  
7. Dragon Age Origins- Speaking of which, I think I can blame this game for my failure to beat any games during my break, I didn't plan on buying this game (I am not a sword and magic kind of guy) but the way Bio-ware set up the story in this game grabbed me and hasn't let go of me yet.  
8. Borderlands- I just need to get to level 50, that and hope that they slow down on the DLC release...  
9. Left 4 dead 2- My quest for 1000/1000 continues 
10. Forza 3- This is my take a break in between other games game.. The seasons are SUPER long, I can see my self playing this game all year long just to finish a full career.  
11. Rainbow Six Vegas- I technically have all ready beat this before, but I bought it for $8 buck used so I can play co-op with a friend... so I am counting this in my list of games to finish.  
12. Cracdown- It seems like I am stuck in the past with my last two games, but again I found this for cheap and decided to play through it co-op style with my brother, I am loving it so far..  
13. New Super Mario Brothers Wii- Just picked this up as well.. thankfully I don't feel any pressure to quickly get this over with.. I have a feeling it will be the only reason I have to play my Wii for a while now.  
There you have it... 13 games that I have purchased in the past 4 months and I have only fully finished 3 of them! (4 if you count Fallout 3) I have a lot of work to do before the next wave of games hit... which in case you were wondering are Battlefield Bad Company 2, Heavy Rain, and Mass Effect 2.

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A few odd's and ends..

It has been a couple days since I have made a post here are some odd's and ends that have gone on:

Circuit City Sale: It is sad that they are going out of business, however they had some killer deals today. I bought a few Blu-Ray movies, and Civ Rev for the PS3. All of them were 25% percent off. If you haven't looked there yet be sure to make a stop!

I got my tickets for my vacation: I am in the middle of a semester at school, AND in the middle of moving to my new place. I figured it would be fun to go on a mini vacation at the end of Feb. I purchased tickets to Rascall flatts on the 26th, and then tickets for the Las Vegas NASCAR race. I am mainly excited for the NASCAR race because this will be my first one I have ever been to. It will be a ton of fun!

I also got an intvite in the mail today to my 5 year high school anniversary.. talk about crazy! I don't know how I feel about it yet. and I doubt that I will even attend. But maybe something will change my mind and I will go. What do you guys think?

Finally I am thinking of getting a new game.. but don't know what to do. I like racing games, FPS, and action/adventure games. Any suggestions?



I was surfing the netflix website for some movies to watch on my xbox, and came across Postal by Uwe Bowell. I have never seen one of his movies so I decided to see what they are about. 20 mins later I had to turn it off. Which leads me to this message:

I just wasted 20 mins of my life that I will never get back because of you. I hope you know Karma will get you one day. In the mean time, Go to hell.




Reason #1,001 why I hate the cold:

I left my brand new ipod touch in my car last night. Needless to say the 15 degree weather we experienced broke it. Now you may blame me for leaving it in the car in the first place, but think about it this way: If it were summer my Ipod would have been fine.

Mother Nature: 1
MacGoesZoom: 0

I will get my sweet revenge soon.


1/20/2009. I am no longer a Whopper Virgin.

That's right I am 22 years old and today marked the first time I have ever had a Whopper. Now I know you must be wondering.. How in the hell have you never had a whopper? Well.. The answer is simple: My old friends sucked. ha ha just kidding guys. In reality I was always a Carl's jr (Famous star/ Western) kind of guy. So I never thought of going to Burger king.
So.. What did I think of the whopper? Well.. all the guys at work sure did build it up.. and I must say.. It WAS pretty tasty.. However after reading the nutritional information I think the Whopper will be saved for Special occasions only. (I don't want to die young because of that thing) However I would like to thank the guy's at work for introducing me to the Whopper, it was fun while it lasted. And I am excited for our next "introduction to food Mac has not had" (In case you were wondering... that would be a BIg Mac) so look forward to that post in the future. For now, I think I am going to exercise.. so I can see if the whopper will kill me today.. or tomorrow..



I just realized that I am starting school again in less than a month. That is crazy, where did my summer go? I am kind of excited for the classes that I am signed up for, hopefully the classes are entertaining! =)


Congrats Giant Bomb!!

I just thought I would say congrats to you guys, the website looks good. I can't wait to see advertisments on the sides (So we know you are being paid), and see what else you guys have in store for this thing! Good Luck! =)