It just may be a fever dream

The only way that game will ever see the light of day is if a not-so-experienced publisher decides to buy it or if Take-Two put any large amount of money into it, if neither is the case than that game is done.


One word my friend, Japan.

So I was surfing the internet earlier and came across this crazy keychain from Japan. Its a Edamame. What is that you ask??....................Well I guess its a baby soybean picked and boiled before it's reached adulthood.  But this isn't just any ordinary Edamame keychain; It's the Japanese Popping Edamame Keychain. When you squeeze it, the middle bean pops out and then pops back in so you can relive the action of popping beans out time and time again. It even has one of twelve random faces painted on it. I wish one of them was just the middle finger. That would be great! Here is the ad if I still haven't convinced you to pick up this must have car key accessory.

Here is the link if any of you decide to give in to your inner urges and purchase one.

*Video Update*

Yeah, I don't really know what to say about this video. It just makes me more interested with the product. I have one so I can give this video credit in saying that is exactly how it works, it's great. Such a waste of money but in a way I can totally get behind.

Hahaha, now this is truly ridiculous. This is the MUGEN POP POP, it's suppose to be a substitute for popping bubble rap anywhere, anytime. You know, im all for popping  bubble rap and every now and then i'll get the urge to pop it and have none around my house. Finally I have a solution.

Here's where you can pick one up if you want to own this excellent product.

This shits postal!

Ok, that was a weird ass movie. Just finished watching Postal and thought it was great. I don't know why I like Uwe Boll, I just do. He just makes these awful video game movies that no one likes and does it over and over again and talks trash about michael Bay the whole time. Great movie.


Doesn't it just smell like Christmas?

It's finally here.
The season of cheer.
Let everyone hear.

That's right folks the seasons of giving has arrived and there is a lot that I want to receive because I am a greedy bastard. That's why I have compiled a list of the things I wish to find under the tree this holiday season and the hell with everyone else. It's funny actually, every year on the way to my family get together I end up in one store or another just grabbing something closest to the check out counter and throwing it in a bag. It's usually the same stuff too. Packs of lighters, a DVD, a shaver, shaving cream, well you get the picture. Anyway here all the stuff that I have seen this year that has looked interesting enough for me to want to own and some of the games on there might not be out yet so don't be all like "OMG, that games not out yet. OMG, I'm totally serial and no one believes me." Yeah........

Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle
With the fact Microsoft F'd up the repair status on my red ringed console and a box that should have taken five days to show up is still a no show after five weeks  got me thinking hey maybe this would be a great time to upgrade. I mean I need a console with HDMI anyway and that 120 HDD would be nice to have now that I can put all my games on it. You know I still haven't had a chance to mess around with the new NXE, my console broke right before it was released and getting it fixed takes like a thousand weeks at minimum. If I don't get my hands on it soon I'm going to explode so this may be my only option.

BlackBerry Storm
This is more wishful thinking actually, the only cell phone providers I have were I live are Alltel and Cellular one *cough* sucks *cough*. I would still really like to mess around with one of these things to get a feel for it. They look BADASS. Maybe someday my town will get some love and we will get a Verizon, I doubt it but we can dream can we not. On a side note though I have the BlackBerry Pearl and ain't to huge of a fan, it just doesn't feel right in the hand with the weird trackball and the small ass buttons. But the storm is touch screen like the iPhone and god knows I love that, Not.

Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition
I never played a street fighter game in my life until I bought Super SFII Turbo HD Remix like last week. After thinking about it for a couple of days I came to the conclusion that not playing Street Fighter for so long ranks up there with some of the biggest mistakes of my life. I had so much fun with that game its not even funny, Seriously I played it for about two days straight without sleeping and if it weren't for Left for Dead I still probably be playing it. I got the PSN version and I think that I will get the PS3 collector's edition because its weird to explain but this just feels like a PS3 game. I wonder if I should get a joystick too. God my wallet hates Christmas.

Canon VIXIA HV30

My Camcorder is so damn old that I still have to buy those huge ass tapes on Ebay that they don't make anymore just to use it. Those things are only like 5 dollars for a pack of 20 but still its the point of the matter. Anyway I want HD and its time to upgrade. This camera is a little on the pricey side but in my opinion its worth it. My friend has one and I watched the video of his cruise in the Bahamas and it was freaking gorgeous, full 1080p. In fact screw Christmas I may just have to buy one of these babies anyway.

MacBook Air
Look at it, its so fucking thin. I just want to touch it. Man I'm watching LOST right now and typing this and I'm starting to get really distracted. I have never watched Lost before tonight and I can't start to explain how "LOST" I am. HAHA, you see what I did there with the word lost and the show being called LOST and man I crack myself up.  Aww, I'm so alone.

There's a lot more shit I could put on this list but these are the top five anyway. Come to think of it I would really like people to post some stuff on my wall. That shits mad bare, Son.This show is stupid as hell it's just it was on G4 and it caught my attention while typing just because all the bat shit stuff that was happening. But man I should really wrap this up I got to get up  early as hell tomorrow but I think I will write up another blog in a few days.  But  yeah, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.