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Gran Turismo 5 first impressions

Now bear in mind, at this point i have only driven a few races in the arcade mode. 
Visually the game looks great, and as far as the driving experience goes, i like what i have seen, and i don't know if it's just me, but  
i think the handling of the cars in the game seems to be really good compared to earlier games in the series. 
I hope that the GT mode can be as enjoyable as the rest of the game, and please let the online mode be 
good, because it would be frickin' fantastic if it is.


Final Fantasy x is my obsession.

Another one of my short ramblings. Been a while since i posted something here. 
Have been playing a bit of Final Fantasy X and X-2 lately.   
Now X is one great game. I have played 18 hours, but are gonna  start on a new save. Gonna take my time this time around, explore, and hopefully get somewhere in 
the game. 
Have played a bit of X-2 too. This game has it's share of critics, but i personally like the direction of the game a lot. The feel of the game and so forth is great 
and i believe that it's a game that many who are not too familiar with FF or RPG's could get into easily.


Myst now on

Feel that this is a piece of news that might just be of interest to some adventure game fans or pc game fans in general.
Myst, in this case the Masterpiece Edition is now available for purchase on Good Old Games.
For those of you not fully aware of the game i'm talking about, Myst was the highest selling pc game for a decade until a little game called The Sims suddenly
arrived in 2002 and took it's place.
I have been very pleased with GOG in the past, and i would recommend everyone to give them a try, i've also added the link where you can buy the game on GOG


A shoutout to Good Old Games

Well, whaddya know, another blog post.
Many probably have become familiar with the many digital game retailers that have entered the market.
One of these retailers that have caught my attention in a big way is Good old Games. 
A company that specializes on, no surprise, good old games. They offer a vast selection of games from an era when, in their own words, gameplay reigned supreme.
They're games is something that appeals to me. To date i have so far bought ten games from them. The service has been stable and it works like a charm
which is a feat, considering that this service is still in the beta stage.
If there is one thing i feel can be better, althought this may be possible, i havent found out yet, is the ability to buy more than one game at a time.
So in closing i just want to say that i recommend everyone to check out good old games.
So tell your friends and their grandmothers about GOG. They deserve the attention.


The Longest Journey, what a game.

So this is my first ever blog post here at Giant Bomb. I'm usually a guy of few words, and i haven't really been that active here lately.  
Now my blog posts probably aren't gonna be that big to be honest. I'm not really that good of a writer and i don't have a lot to say on differing topics.
I just wanna take this time to say a few words about a game that has hooked me in a way that few games have done lately.
The game that i am talking about, is The Longest Journey from 1999. Many people are probably aware of this being one of the first big success
stories of Norwegian developer Funcom. Many people have probably heard about it's sequel Dreamfall which came out not to many years ago.
I originally got this game from my mother who bought back around when it first came out. Being a 10 year old kid, this game wasn't exactly my cup of tea. 
I ended up playing it for a little while, eventually growing tired because i got stuck and did not make much progress, so the game was left to collect dust on the shelf.
Lately, i felt a urge to give it a try again, and so i shilled out 59 kroner for it, and boy was it ever worth it.
There are a lot of good things to say about it, but one of the main strengths of the game is it's storyline that sucks you in right from the beginning and a lot of credit has to be given to Ragnar Tørnquist. The game is simply a joy to play through from beginning to end, and i must admit, i felt a bit sad after finishing the game, and very few games have had that effect on me.
So in closing, i can just say that this is an amazing game and it is something that will stay with me for a long time. 
And  in case you wanna drop me a note, please do so.
Peace out,