A shoutout to Good Old Games

Well, whaddya know, another blog post.
Many probably have become familiar with the many digital game retailers that have entered the market.
One of these retailers that have caught my attention in a big way is Good old Games. 
A company that specializes on, no surprise, good old games. They offer a vast selection of games from an era when, in their own words, gameplay reigned supreme.
They're games is something that appeals to me. To date i have so far bought ten games from them. The service has been stable and it works like a charm
which is a feat, considering that this service is still in the beta stage.
If there is one thing i feel can be better, althought this may be possible, i havent found out yet, is the ability to buy more than one game at a time.
So in closing i just want to say that i recommend everyone to check out good old games.
So tell your friends and their grandmothers about GOG. They deserve the attention.