The Longest Journey, what a game.

So this is my first ever blog post here at Giant Bomb. I'm usually a guy of few words, and i haven't really been that active here lately.  
Now my blog posts probably aren't gonna be that big to be honest. I'm not really that good of a writer and i don't have a lot to say on differing topics.
I just wanna take this time to say a few words about a game that has hooked me in a way that few games have done lately.
The game that i am talking about, is The Longest Journey from 1999. Many people are probably aware of this being one of the first big success
stories of Norwegian developer Funcom. Many people have probably heard about it's sequel Dreamfall which came out not to many years ago.
I originally got this game from my mother who bought back around when it first came out. Being a 10 year old kid, this game wasn't exactly my cup of tea. 
I ended up playing it for a little while, eventually growing tired because i got stuck and did not make much progress, so the game was left to collect dust on the shelf.
Lately, i felt a urge to give it a try again, and so i shilled out 59 kroner for it, and boy was it ever worth it.
There are a lot of good things to say about it, but one of the main strengths of the game is it's storyline that sucks you in right from the beginning and a lot of credit has to be given to Ragnar Tørnquist. The game is simply a joy to play through from beginning to end, and i must admit, i felt a bit sad after finishing the game, and very few games have had that effect on me.
So in closing, i can just say that this is an amazing game and it is something that will stay with me for a long time. 
And  in case you wanna drop me a note, please do so.
Peace out,