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I never have time to play games, yet I keep buying games.

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A man, a city, a review 0

You arrive in Columbia much in the same way you arrived in Rapture in 2007′s Bioshock – Booker DeWitt comes to a lone lighthouse in the ocean and, once inside, ascends to the clouds in a scene all too reminiscent of your descent into the ocean. Only this time, you’re going up; instead of whales crossing your vision through the bathysphere porthole, you get massive airships and a city in the clouds.The combat in Infinite is similar to previous Bioshock titles – you have Vigors, the analog for pl...

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The most successful episodic adventure yet 0

The Walking Dead by Telltale Games is an adventure game that puts you in the role of Lee, a man with a dark past and even darker future – as you travel the gameworld with a variety of other characters, you point-and-click in classic adventure game fashion, mash a lot of buttons, select dialog choices, and (if you’re like me) try to be as little of an asshole as possible so you don’t accidentally offend these fictional characters that are, overall, fairly well written. And then there’s Clementin...

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A Pun-Free Just Cause 2 Review 0

Avalanche Studios has crafted an amazing chaos sandbox within the Southeast Asian island of Panau. As Rico Rodriguez you are tasked to perform missions for three different factions and to cause Chaos, which functions as your currency for unlocking new Agency missions (the main quest) and black market weapons and vehicles. You can use your radio to call down the black market supplier where you can purchase items like tiny jets, hoverboats, quad rocket launchers, and a parachute with a skull on it...

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“I can’t leave without my buddy Big Bo!” 0

Sega and Yakuza Team have put together an impressive package – Some of the best shooting action of 2012 with some memorable characters and a slick presentation on par with the Metal Gear series. In Binary Domain, you play as Dan Marshall. As part of a Rust Crew, you and your buddy Big Bo break into a futuristic Tokyo where the slums are entirely separated from the upper city due to massive flooding. Robots are the name of the game, and you will shoot, maim, bash, and explode your way through hu...

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Like Black & White and Populous Had a 2D Baby 0

Dutch developer Abbey Games recently released a 2D god game called Reus, or “giant” in Dutch. The game is played on a small planet made up of patches of land. You control four different giants: ocean, swamp, rock, and forest. By combining their powers, you create forest, desert, and swamp biomes and use food, technology, and wealth to entice nomads to settle villages. Use the crablike ocean giant to plop down an ocean to moisten the surrounding area, follow it up with the forest giant’s create ...

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I prefer the term "treasure hunter!" 0

In Nathan Drake’s second Playstation 3 outing by Naughty Dog, the treasure hunter/thief/explore/war criminal is hot on the trail of Shambhala, an ancient city home to the Cintamani stone. Said to grant wishes and to have fueled the most powerful leaders in history, you can be sure that Drake isn’t the only one after the precious gem. Drake’s journey takes you from a museum heist in Instabul, to the war torn streets of Nepal, the cavernous ice caves of the Tibetan mountains, and all the way to S...

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Prince of Persia and the Temple of Doom 0

From the studio that brought the world platformers like Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter comes an especially jumpy third person shooter starring Nathan Drake, a youthful Indiana Jones, in an adventure that takes you to a mysterious island in search of Drake’s ancestor, the explorer Sir Francis Drake, and the treasure of El Dorado. Along with companions Sully, an older, more gruff version of Nathan Drake with a boatload of gambling debt, and resourceful journalist with a mean right hook, Elena...

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A funny, classic JRPG romp with a twisted taste 0

From the developers who brought you Breath of Death VII: The Beginning, Zeboyd Games presents Cthulhu Saves the World, another retro JRPG in the style of SNES classics like Final Fantasy 4. Featuring a cast of characters like Umi the Cthulhu groupie, Paws the feline Ultharian, and Sharpe the sentient sword, you must journey through towns named after Lovecraft locales and various dungeons on a quest to make Cthulhu a hero. Having lost all of his powers, only becoming a true hero will allow Cthulh...

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Classic JRPG stylings with a modern touch 0

Developed by Zeboyd Games, makers of fine retro-RPGs like Cthulu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, the third act in the four part Penny Arcade series is a successful tribute to SNES-era Japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger while simultaneously improving on the formula and modernizing many of the obnoxious tropes for which the genre is known. Enemies in New Arcadia can be seen and avoided in dungeons, though most of them seem to block crucial pathways or treasure chests, an...

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Satisfies that craving for SNES JRPGs with modern conveniences 0

The newly released Rainslick Precipice of Darkness episode is the exciting conclusion to the Rainslick series. While mechanically very similar to Episode 3, the execution is quite different. Combat still revolves around the same turn-based battle system familiar to anyone who’s played a Japanese RPG, but instead of having four party members with a class system, Episode 4 mixes things up with a system not dissimilar from Pokemon – as you journey through the Underhell, you discover various monster...

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