Being English!


Now I have to admit that writing a more personal and none game related blog on Giantbomb does feel a little weird and maybe even a little wrong.  But I'm a man of order and I wasn't keen on mixing both game related blogs with more personal matters of discussion. Of course there's nothing wrong with doing so, afterall when one writes about videogames as a passion and hobby, one cannot help but talk about his or hers personal feelings in some way or another. Anyway, enough with me talking like the Queen of England (I do that sometimes) and onto the subject I wish to discuss. Being English!   

Being English is an odd experience, we are a nation that often looks down on folk who are the least bit patriotic. There is no denying that we are a nation who love a good moan and whenever we do well at something we find ways to beat ourself up about it. This is usually best seen in some sports event where we'll do better then expected, but still find some way of putting a downer on things. It's the actual part of being English that I hate the most, we can't be proud of anything nowadays without then critising it in some form. But patriotism is somewhat of a rare sight nowadays, not like the days of old. In fact you'll only ever find your common English citizen hold up their English flag with pride when the England National Football team are involved in an international match. It's sad in some respects but also understandable. For England and much of Great Britain as always seen change, with nation after nation bringing it's influence.
English Football fans, the only real time you'll see your modern day English man or woman, be patriotic. 
English Football fans, the only real time you'll see your modern day English man or woman, be patriotic. 
It should be noted that I've always felt more English then I have a British citizen, I'm not totally sure why that is. Being 'English' isn't a hugely popular image these days, we are told we must be British and British we will be. In fact some special English historical days go by without even a word of mention on the news or in the papers. It's all quite peculiar and indeed sad. Now I'm sure there are many proud English men and women out there, but you ask your average Tom on the street and he'll tell you he's British. One of the reasons for this is the different cultures we find in the United Kingdom, Now I have no wish to begin a rant about immigration. Afterall it's easy to forget that these lands have welcomed immigrants since records first began.  
I shan't act like I know all of English or British history, but even I probably come from a family who had once immigrated to these lands many, many years ago. Even though I was born here, it's to easy to forget that this small Island as been home to all sorts of folk of so many languages from the Romans to the conquering Danes. It's history as been filled with war and it's never truly had one national image. That alone is something I'm quite proud of, it's a land with such a rich and amazing history that as always had it's part to play. Even if that part hasn't always been a proud one. It could be argued that we do seem to apologise for our past mistakes a little to often, but that is more my opinion then a national one. Like every nation we have made mistakes, but that doesn't mean we need to keep apologizing for them. 
I'll leave it at that for now, maybe I'll return to this subject at a later date. It does interest me though and I'd like to know what other England based Giantbomb users think of 'being English' right now or maybe users from other countries would like a say. I hope my words don't cause any anger in any of you, there just my personal feelings of being English and while I wouldn't call myself patriotic to a huge degree. I like to think myself proud of the achievements of this nation, while we might not be as patriotic as a full nation of people like the men and women of the United States of America are. It wouldn't hurt us to be a little more willing to fly our English flag from time to time without feeling like we're doing something wrong. There's nothing wrong with flying the flag of the lands your born on.... is there? 
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