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2010 Most Wanted

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  • Sometimes I see videos of this game and it looks like something sent back in time from the next generation of consoles. While the character import feature doesn't sound like it's going to give ME vets any significatn perks, everything else looks fantastic. It's almost here, people.

  • This is my lack of PS3 consolation prize. Thankfully, I really enjoyed the demo.

  • Such a brilliant approach to steath-action, I'm stunned that no one thought of it sooner. Well, there IS Batman: Arkham Asylum... Thanks to Ubisoft's brass decision to pad their books for fiscal 2010, I won't be gorging myself on Sam Fisher's latest before I head back to school full-time. Bummer.

  • There's a new name for ambition in 2010 and that's "Dust 514". I'm sick of the same deathmatch or CTF-fueled multiplayer dressed up as something else.

  • Obsidian needs to break out of their little rut. I used to think of them as the RPG equivalent of Treyarch. That is, a studio that gets no respect. Their delay of AP and the latest footage I've seen doesn't seem like it'll change my mind but I remain hopeful.

  • An FPS with dynamic parkour movement and multi-player? Sounds like the game Mirror's Edge could have been.

  • I should be a lot more excited for this game. After all this time, the presentation could have used a substantial upgrade but I see very little change. Thankfully, upgrades like 4-player co-op will probably silence any doubts I have of this game being a rollicking good time.

  • Dead Rising 1 is $20 and screams out at me every time I pass it by on the store shelf. The demo annoyed me somewhat, which isn't a good sign. The sequel, however, looks great. It's also being developed by a local studio, so I feel like being a cheerleader for them.

  • More Dragon Age? Christ... well, if I must!

  • Never really got into the previous-gen AvP games although the nostalgia factor for them is pretty high. All the preview videos have looked very promising. Perhaps this game will rouse me from my multi-player shooter fatigue.