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Enter Giant Bomb.

Gerstmann being let go by Gamespot was one of the biggest disasters in Games Journalism period. For me it signalled the end of Gamespot which is currently heading for a Firery Grave, But out of the ashes the phoenix rose again, that is. Giant Bomb.
First off i'm amazed how detailed this site is, my man Bertmasta kept telling me it was detailed but seriously this detailed  ?........ Come On this thing is the Bomb.
Long Live GiantBomb and its Freakin Sweet staff.
I smear myself in honey and Salute you !
So currently i'm still getting used to how this site works, its simple but by god theres a lot to learn and remember. You can tell straight away though this truly is the way foward in Games Journalism.
So where am i with games at the moment ?
I was a big fan of games for 14 years....................... but something happened this year and ive became out of touch of whats going on in the Gaming World, i lost the passion in a repetitive based market where the masses fuel repitition, so i turned my back on the industry and let it go.
But all fairy tales have a good ending dont they.....
madder128 is Back !!!
I'm retracing my steps with video games on a spirtual pilgrimage to regain the passion and take off from where i left. I'm blasting back in time 14 years to learn what made my clock tick and will be updating blogs regulary on my process of coming full circle.
Same as Gamespot it burned in the Ashes, The phoenix rose and now we have Giantbomb.
A deserter can only hide for so long
ive came full circle.
Madder is back !