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Lu Bu Vs. Mitsurugi

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I am just going to assume you know who they both are. I mean, come on, why not?

For the sake of recap though:

"Can anybody provide me with a decent challenge?!" - Lu Bu, DW 5

Lu Bu is a legendary warrior of an almost unrivaled caliber. In addition to his prominent skills with melee weapons, he was said to be a master archer. Lu Bu also possessed massive physical strength, and towered above most other men. His career is marked by astonishing feats of prowess.

"The name's Mitsurugi - Remember it!" - Mitsurugi, SC 3

Heishiro Mitsurugi is a legend among men. He is a Japanese Samurai, and a master swordsman, who has a taste for battle. He is known to purposely join battles on the weaker side in order to find a challenge. Mitsurugi has defeated musket men in single combat, and became so accomplished in fact, that he began to doubt that any mortal could provide him a challenge. Thus he sought the supernatural.

So, essentially, it's a face-off between two warriors with a thirst for war, and a mean winning streak.


So, if it were to happen, it could look something like this:

Mitsurugi wanders the land, seeking a challenge worthy of his skill. Thus far, he has been met with endless disappointment in his quest. His wanderings have brought him into the heart of China, during the total collapse of the Han Dynasty. Lu Bu’s master, Dong Zhuo, has seized the capital and is making a mess of pretty much everything he touches.

Given the nature of Dong Zhuo’s tyrannical rule, many warlords have banded together to attempt to stop him. Despite their combined efforts, Dong Zhuo’s forces are still superior (though not by too much).

Mitsurugi, seeing an opportunity in this mess, joins the fray alongside the Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition.

The battle of Shi Shui Gate has arrived. The great Hua Xiong, Dong Zhuo’s second greatest soldier, has just fallen in battle to Guan Yu. Now, mighty Lu Bu stands at the gate. Towering over the common soldiers, his presence is imposing. His face set into a glare, he raises his halberd above his head and brings in down in a sweeping arc, killing five soldiers in a single blow. Their best attempts to parry the blow, proven useless.

“Can ANYONE provide me with a decent challenge?!” Lu Bu bellows, “You worthless dogs are hardly worth my time!”

Moments later, a stranger approaches the gate, stepping determinedly out onto the wooden bridge that leads up to it. Heishiro Mitsurugi unsheathes his katana, a glint in his eye as he wordlessly takes a stance.

“YOU Seek to challenge me? What makes you think you will fare any better?” Lu Bu shouts with a laugh,

“Why don’t you come a little closer, and find out.” The samurai replies eagerly,

Lu Bu steps out onto the bridge, intrigued by the stranger’s brazen defiance. “And who might you be, stranger?” he asks

“I am Heishiro Mitsurugi, don’t forget that name. That shouldn’t be a problem though, seeing as I am going to kill you, Lu Bu.” The stranger replies with a smile.

Lu Bu takes a stance, shocked to have met someone so bold. The stranger is a fair bit shorter than he is, and his weapon has shorter reach, but he is undaunted.

A group of soldiers from both sides stop to watch.

“We shall see!” Lu Bu smiles, and then sets his jaw, preparing to fight.

Mitsurugi simply stands, waiting for a move. Impatient, Lu Bu gives him one, lunging forward with a bone-shattering, over-head halberd strike. The samurai’s katana seems as fast as light, gliding effortlessly to block the mighty blow. Muscles straining, the two warriors stand, weapons locked.

Lu Bu again pulls his weapon free, swinging horizontally. The massive polearm takes far too long to reach Mitsurugi, before his katana has thrust forward towards the Chinese warrior’s ribs.

Stumbling in shock, Lu Bu drops his attack and narrowly misses being fatally wounded. Surprise is evident on his face. Blood seeping from a shallow puncture wound.

Mitsurugi grins, thrusting he blade forward yet again, this time, however, Lu Bu is ready. He catches the blade with a parry, and overpowers the samurai, shoving his opponent backwards, sending him to the hard wood of the bridge. He brings his halberd down with terrible speed, barley missing Misurugi’s head, as he rolls to the side, quickly finding his footing again. Determination on his face, as he again, takes a stance. His sword drawn back to his side, waiting for a chance to strike.

Lu Bu glares. “You can’t KILL ME!” he declares, “Nothing can stop ME!” The Chinese general spins his weapon, leaping forward with a low sweep. The samurai swifts his stance, hopping over the bone-rending blow. With a smile, he realizes that he just almost lost his legs. Now this was a worthy fight!

Lu Bu stumbles slightly with the force of his swing, leaving him partially exposed. Mitsurugi takes the opening, suddenly springing forward, his blade aimed for a death – blow to his opponent’s neck.

However, he is caught in the stomach by a huge fist, as Lu Bu desperately defends himself.

Mitsurugi crumples to the ground, but soon rises, clutching his side. The massive warrior had cracked ribs, at the very least. The samurai glares up at Lu Bu, noting the panic in his opponent’s eyes, as he again raises his sword.

Lu Bu’s panic turns to rage, as he attempts to push down his worry. Mitsurugi smiles at him.

“DAMN YOU!” Lu Bu shouts in rage, thrusting his halberd like a spear, straight for his enemy’s leg. Despite his wounded side, Mitsurugi rolls to the side, thrusting his own blade forward, into Lu Bu’s leg. It slices into him just above the knee. Blood splatters out, and the massive warrior falls forward, his leg now useless. “DAMN YOU!” Lu Bu screams again, this time in pain. He swings his halberd again, knocking the samurai’s katana free of his grip. Mitsurugi narrowly manages to avoid the warrior’s death-blow as he rolls for his katana. He rolls forward again, blade thrust forward, sinking it into his kneeling adversary’s chest.

Lu Bu’s eyes fill with shock as he realizes that he is dying. “No…” He gasps, “I…CAN’T DIE!” At last, he slumps forward, the life leaving his eyes.

The soldiers who were watching gasp in shock as the Mighty Lu Bu, falls dead.

Turning towards them, Mitsurugi looks over them, meeting each of their eyes.

“Heishiro Mitsurugi – Do not forget that name.”