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Most Lethal Video Game Warrior

After finally watching some more "Deadliest Warrior" on Spike last night, I decided to go ahead and try it out with some game characters, and possibly some character classes. Habast will be helping me because he is awesome, and happens to be my brother.  
If this interests you at all, feel free to comment with fight ideas or comments. This is bound to be a little biased on some level, but I will do my best to be impartial. Our outcomes will be primarily based on statistics and dice-rolls. 
Hopefully this will be somewhat entertaining! So anyway, here's the first match-up! 

Mario Vs. Sonic! 

All credit for image to TPollockJR of deviantArt.
All credit for image to TPollockJR of deviantArt.
 Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario the Plumber. Two classic gaming icons, once bitter rivals battling to be the king of platform gaming. 
Now, these gaming titans have a chance to settle their long-disputed, and heated feud! 

The Fighters

 Mario the Plumber:

 Mario is Nintendo's undisputed king, and arguably the most recognizable character in gaming. With his arsenal of fireballs and super-human levels of strength and speed, Mario is ready to take on nearly any challenge. Mario has defeated Bowser since long before that was his name, and has since proven strong enough to swing the huge dragon by his tail and send him flying.  
Special Weapons / Abilities:
  • Ranged - Fire Balls:  Mario is capable of flinging these things pretty quickly, and they hurt!
  • Melee -Superhuman Strength: Mario's heightened strength with allow him to do a lot of melee damage once this fight comes down to blows.
  • Special - Jumping: Mario can jump high, and far. It may just be his best chance at agility vs. Sonic's speed.

Sonic the Hedgehog:

Sonic is Sega's king, or at least he was before Sega was bought. Regardless of this, he is ready to finally have a clean, one-on-one battle with the plumber. Sonic has battled Dr. Robotnik countless times, and destroyed countless inventions that the deranged scientist has cooked up. His speed is vast, allowing him to break the sound bearer and reach speeds of up to Mach 2, Earning him the nickname "The Fastest Thing Alive". The spikes on his back are also razor sharp, and extremely durable. 
Special Weapons / Abilities: 
  • Ranged - Spin Dash: Sonic has no real form of ranged combat, so he must rely on his blinding speeds to close the gap between him and Mario. His Spin Dash is a deadly move.
  • Melee - Spin Attack: Sonic performs his spin attack by quickly curling into a ball, leaving a foe to suddenly be facing a ball of spikes. Sonic can also do this in mid-air, coming down on his enemy in a spike ball.
  • Special - Speed: This should be obvious. Sonic's speed allows him to move undeniably faster than his opponent, but remember: Mario is definitely stronger. 

  The Breakdown

Weapons / Abilities:

  • Ranged: Mario. I had to give Mario the edge on this one. He will have the chance to throw a lot of fire by the time that even someone like Sonic can reach him.
  • Melee: Sonic. While Mario's superior strength would give him the advantage in hand-to-hand combat, Sonic has a tendency to curl into a spiky ball very quickly, not leaving much room for the plumber's power punches.
  • Special: This was hard to decide. Mario is able to jump up to 2 stories, where as Sonic can run at speeds over Mach 1. With Sonic's speed being harder to control, and Mario needing to have time to react and jump, I placed them at a dead-tie. Which I think is do-able for such an iconic rivalry.

Predictions of the Outcome

While we are the creators of this fight, we have no real way of knowing the outcome. We have inputted their stats, and assigned a dice roll value to each. We will be putting all of the numbers into a random dice roller online which is located here:  
We will be calculating the outcome in three different ways: 
Total Wins in different areas, taking the highest average roll for both combatants in each area.  
The Roll Total: The highest average from every stat roll combined. 
The Average Total: Dividing the Roll Total by the umber of stats (8).  
Whoever wins more of these final three totals will win the match.

Madhattervx's Opinion:

Even though I am a long-time fan of Sonic, I predict a narrow victory for Mario. He's stronger, and has the ranged advantage. I also think he just might have the chance to evade Sonic's rushing attacks. Either way, it's going to be very close. 

Habast's Opinion:

In this clash of gaming giants, I predict a victory for everyone's favorite plumber. He just has a sturdier build and could take more punishment than his rival. Another edge he'll have is that he can fight at a distance via the fireballs. While Sonic is faster, I don't think he'll even be able to close the gap before he gets burned. If he does, though, he does have a large advantage in agility. It's really anybody's game, but I'm predicating a victory for Mario. 

Expert's Opinion:

I think that Sonic will just Spin Dash into Mario and kill him before he has the chance to throw any fire. Easy victory for Sonic. 


Mario is traveling an area of the Mushroom Kingdom that he usually doesn't explore when he comes upon an unusual pipe protruding from the ground. 
It is blue in color, and this sparks Mario's curiosity. Exiting the tube, Mario finds himself falling from the sky. Unable to stop his fall, Mario lands directly on Tails by chance. Sonic, who was nearby is angry, mistaking what happened for an attack. He races at Mario, certain that he must be an ally of Dr. Robotnik. 
Sonic Spin Attacks Mario, slicing into him with his spikes, and speeds away to make another pass. Mario, now ready for an attack turns and begins peppering his assailant with Fire Balls. Sonic is caught of guard, the fire burns him and the shock of it makes him lose control and sends him sprawling. Mario rushes and leaps into the air, landing directly on Sonic, and begins to punch and kick him. Sonic manages to get into his protective Spin Dash, and sends the plumber flying. 
Mario once again springs into the air, just as Sonic is making yet another pass and lands on the Hedgehog again, and again begins to pummel him into submission, until finally Sonic can take no more, and is down for the count. 

  The Victor: Mario

Mario won 2 out of the 3 totals, the 3rd being a draw. 
Mario won 2 out of the 3 totals, the 3rd being a draw. 
Madhattervx's Closing Comment: It was Mario's greater durability and physical strength that play most into his victory, in addition to his advantage in range. It was a very close fight, but it looks like Mario is the winner. 
Habast's Closing Comment: Mario simply had greater strength. He could take more hits than Sonic, and in the end, that's what won it for him. 
Expert's Closing Comment: I really wanted Sonic to win, but Mario won and he is cool to. And It seems right for Mario to win.