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Characters that Should be Playable in the Next Dynasty Warriors

Characters who have yet to appear as playable characters in the Dynasty Warriors series, but really should have by now. Often these characters actually played much bigger roles in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, and in history than many of those who have appeared in Dynasty Warriors thus far.

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  • Gongsun Zan was a famed general of later Han who was known as the "Pale Horse General". His elite cavalry unit, the "White Riders" were renown all throughout China. He was known as Yuan Shao's long-time rival, and they vied for supremacy in the north. Though he ultimately lost, I think it is unfair that he has yet to be playable in these games. Especially given the large role he played in the novel, and in history.

  • Zhang Lu was the respected and influential ruler of Han Zhong. It was he who harbored Ma Chao after his loss to Cao Cao, and his territory was among the very last to fall to the massive armies of Wei. This loss came because of a traitorous adviser named Yang Song. Because of his deep love for the people of his land, Cao Cao granted him status, as well as the title "General Who Guards the South". I think that he would make a really cool addition to Dynasty Warriors.

  • Yuan Shu was a very prominent figure during the Three Kingdoms Era. He was Yuan Shao's half-brother, and the commander of his own force. He served in the Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition, and he later traded 10,000 troops to Sun Ce in exchange for the Imperial Seal. After obtaining the Seal, Yuan Shu became increasingly arrogant, and eventually declared himself Emperor. This lead many to declare that he was mad, and it made him new enemies. Needless to say that as Yuan Shao's brother, being the reason Sun Ce was able to establish a force, and his stint as the Mad Emperor, Yuan Shu has earned a slot as a playable character in Dynasty Warriors countless times. So why haven't they added him yet?

  • Dong Zhuo's second greatest warrior after Lu Bu. Hua Xiong was one of the greatest warriors of the Three Kingdoms.

  • Zhang Xiu's greatest warrior, Huche'er aided in driving off Cao Cao's massive armies multiple times, and was responsible for the death of Dian Wei having stolen his axe. Seriously, Koei seems to have some issues with this guy. His stats in ROTK should reflect his impressive accomplishments, and he should have a slot as a playable Dynasty Warriors character!