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My Favorite Ladies in Gaming

Those beautiful belles, powerful princesses, and warrior women that make every gaming experience truly complete.

Give it up for best, and most epic ladies in gaming!

List items

  • A kind and gentle summoner from Besaid, she's really the only one who is willing to believe Tidus' story for quite some time.

  • She's smart, tough, capable and cute. You'd think Ethan Waber might be way out of his league. She is possibly my favorite character in the game.

  • April is a resistance leader in a magical, parallel world. She kicks butt.

  • Faith is the star of a game called Mirror's Edge. Her high-flying acrobatics and lethal combat skills, combined with her determination make her either an enemy you don't want to make, or a steadfast friend.

  • A pilot assigned to fly Starkiller's ship, Juno ends up being so much more...She's a really cool lady.

  • Funny, compassionate and cute. Rikku is pretty dang awesome. I love using her "steal" ability.

  • Zoë is a college girl who lives in a technologically advanced future. She is very smart and skilled in martial arts. She is down-to-earth, and a fun character.

  • Playful, hilarious, and deadly. Seung Mina is one of my very favorite Soul characters.

  • A small, but skilled woman who can dance circles around almost anyone in combat - Literally!

  • Jaina is an Arch Mage with an attitude. She refuses to help Arthas in his crazed attack on an infected village, and later serves as leader of the human survivors of Lorderon.

  • Friend to Sora and Riku, Kairi goes missing towards the beginning of Kingdom Hearts. While she doesn't seem like it at first, Kairi ends up being quite brave and even heroic.

  • Unlike the snotty and superior Miranda, Jack is honest though extremely blunt. She is easily one of the most dangerous ladies in gaming to be sure, along with rude and abrasive, but she grew on me. She's loyal to the last, though she is deeply scared and jaded by her horrific past. Give her a chance, and you'll see her human side.

  • Aya is a skilled archer and healer who starts out as a complete jerk, but becomes one of my three favorite characters by the end of Infinite Undiscovery.

  • Farah is a princess of India who aids The Prince in reversing the terrible effects of the Sands of Time. Smart and capable, she is Prince's primary love interest.

  • Gohan's love interest, Videl is just plain fun to play as in DBZ Raging Blast. Few things are greater than humbling the likes of Broly with this petite powerhouse.

  • This smart-mouthed archer girl of Gladius is easily my favorite female character in the game.

  • An unusually gifted Padawan, Bastila is rather arrogant at first. Over time though, she grows as a person and is actually a highly likable character. She's strong, smart, and dedicated to justice.

  • Where would Kyle Katarn be without Jan Ors? Probably still the most naturally talented Jedi in history. Regardless, Jan has gotten Kyle out of a lot of tight spots. She is both his pilot, and his long-time best friend and love interest. A smart, tough, pretty, and just plain cool lady to be sure.

  • Cousin to Jin Kazama, Asuka is a power-packing chica with moves to match Jun herself.

  • Meet the tough-as-nails female general of Athlum. She acted as a mother-figure to Lord David Nassau, and is one of his most respected advisers. She is extremely brave, and dedicated to David, and to Athlum. She is also mother to Emmy, and extremely skilled with the sword.

  • Gideon Wyeth's fiancee. She just rocks.

  • Emma Honeywell the 2nd. Like her mother, she's one of the toughest ladies around. Emmy is skilled with the sword, and possesses more abilities than Emma, making her a very valuable ally.

  • A female ninja (but not kunoichi?), Yuffie is a pretty cool girl. I grew to really like her playing Kingdom Hearts I and II.

  • The rightful Queen of Dalmasca is willing to do anything to free her country from the Archadian Empire's dominion. Along the way, she does that and more. One of the three actual main characters of Final Fantasy XII, and one cool chick.

  • A French pirate girl with an attitude, her and Nathaniel Hawk seem to have quite a history. Later, they actually get married. Danielle is very strong-willed and tough, and for a good portion of the main quest she is one step ahead of the player, before joining forces with Nathaniel.

  • The "Divine Maiden" of Gurhal, Mirei starts out obscure, then becomes cooler later on when you get to know her a little.

  • The sister of Sophitia, and a bit of a braggart. She talks big, but can back it up. Gotta love Cassandra.

  • Tao is my favorite mage, and favorite female from the original Shining Force. She starts out as an apprentice mage with a knack for fire magic, and seems to be a little bit of a pyromaniac.

  • The daughter of Zhang Fei, Xing Cai is my favorite girl in Dynasty Warriors.

  • The mother of Jin Kazama, Jun is an expert in Kazama-style karate. She was a police officer investigating Kazuya Mishima, and later ends up disappearing in the aftermath of Ogre's awakening. Her official status is "missing" and I am still personally hoping for her to make a come back.

  • The fearless "elf" princess of her kingdom, Kameo is one badass fairy. And with multiple magical forms at her command, not many can match her.

  • Taki is a ninja who is often seen battling Mitsurugi. She seeks to destroy Soul Edge, and is a pretty hardcore.

  • An elven archer who is slain by Arthas, she makes a comeback as an undead elf. She's awesome in that she refuses to serve the Dreadlords or Arthas, instead striking out on her own. Besides, this is as close to pretty as a zombie can get. A fact that is both impressive, and disturbing.

  • The sister of Sun Quan and wife of Liu Bei, I've enjoyed playing as her in Dynasty Warriors 5 and 6.

  • Isaac's friend and love interest, Jenna is a smart and capable girl with a bit of a short temper.

  • A wise-cracking, teenage Twi'lek, Mission is an intelligent gal. She's an expert in the areas of security slicing, stealth, and mechanical aptitude.

  • Powerful, ageless, and lovely. Eighteen is Seventeen's sister, and later, wife to Krillin.

  • A warrior woman who seeks revenge for the destruction of her city. Glenys is highly skilled, and extremely deadly. Definitely someone you want on your side.

  • Penelo is Vaan's friend in Final Fantasy XII. She's always looking out for him, and seems to be a great deal smarter as well. Though that itself is not an amazing feat, Penelo has grown to be one of my favorite characters in the game.

  • Somewhat melancholy, and constantly seeing the ghosts of the dead, Dawn Star is a little creepy, to be honest. But she is incredibly kind-hearted, and is willing to do anything to find Master Li, and to set everything right in the spiritual realm.

  • Corp. Hart is a woman who serves alongside Sergeant Cortez, and fights to rid the universe of the Timesplitter menace.

  • The older sister of Xiao Qiao, Da is my favorite of the two. Wife to Sun Ce.

  • A skilled healer who is very interested in Sigmund, Michelle is a caring and funny character that I ended up keeping in my party the entire game.

  • Wife of Zhuge Liang, and one of my favorites from Dynasty Warriors 5.

  • Wife to Zhou Yu, while I like her sister better, she is nonetheless a cute little ball of fury.

  • The mage with a Gothic feel, Lulu is a really cool lady.

  • Entertaining to the last, Sacred 2's High Elf is among the most memorable of customizable pre-made characters ever devised.

  • Talim is a fun character to play as. She has many flips and spins, fights with unique weapons, and has a strange love and reverence for the wind.

  • I wonder if she ever ended up with Torin...

  • An amnesia-stricken Amy Sorel, I like her much better this way.

  • The highly intelligent and lovable Quarian of the Mass Effect series. She also has a really cool accent.

  • A gun-toting, magic-wielding, badass of a gal. She is awesome, and so is her accent.

  • This impish girl is among the most intersting companion characters I've seen in any game. She is epic. :)