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My Top Character Classes

In order of most played.

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  • I tend to play as the guy who is a fully armored warrior, is the bane of all evil and wields a two-handed sword. With only a little less strength than a knight, and multiple healing spells, buffs and anti-evil spells, they are my absolute favorite character class. There is just something so satisfying about killing undead.

  • Straight-forward, blow-for-blow, tank-like characters that can take loads of physical damage are my second most played class. Technically, they are my most-played class seeing as Paladins are not available in every game. I like them for their simplicity and practicality. I have all kinds of fun playing as these dudes.

  • Clerics are usually more magic-oriented than Paladins. There are some games where they are basically Paladins, in which case I likely choose them. I like them as a way to still strike terror into the hearts of the undead while being able to perform more spells than a typical Paladin class.

  • Berserkers are an enjoyable twist on the armor-plated warriors who hit like trucks. The difference? I tend to build bersekers to have basically no defense, and to hit like a freight train. Berserkers rock.

  • When not gallivanting as a warrior of light or killing everything in sight, I am known to take the shady path of the thief, often still offering help when I can to those in need. I like them because sneaking around is fun, and I don't like being an assassin.