Soul Calibur Fantasy Guest Characters

All the characters I can think of that I think it would be really cool if they visited Soul Calibur.

List items

  • The Prince in either The Sands of Time trilogy, or the new reboot game would be awesome. I love the Prince from Sands of Time even more, but they're both hilarious and likable. I think that he would fit in pretty nicely.

  • Lu Bu's notorious reputation as the greatest warrior in Three Kingdoms China is greatly exaggerated in Dynasty Warriors, insinuated by his over the top power, and his tendency to scream out a series of threats and go into Musou Rage. All of that to say that his over-the-top antics, skill in battle, and selfish attitude make me think that he is one who might go after Soul Edge. However, he isn't very smart at all...Perhaps Cao Cao would be a better choice.

  • Speaking of Cao Cao...I think that he would actually make a great villain to cross over into Soul Calibur. He was a selfish jerk beyond belief, and in Dynasty Warriors they exaggerated him (like everyone) by having him constantly make declarations about his ambition. Cao Cao (as portrayed in RTK, and especially Dynasty Warriors) wouldn't think twice about unleashing all the horrors of Soul Edge to fulfill his greedy ambitions.

  • Liu Bei was known as a man of great virtue, especially in RTK and Dynasty Warriors. He is a champion of the people who will do anything in his power to stop those who would cause them further suffering. Thus, Liu Bei would likely seek the destruction of Soul Edge upon learning of it's evil nature and capacity for destruction. Setting out, he would no doubt face opposition, and eventually cross blades with Cao Cao.

  • Scorpion fights mostly unarmed in his home series of Mortal Kombat. If he were to have a Soul Calibur debut, he could do the same to be honest (Heihachi did). Or he could always fight with his spear (in melee) and also be able to throw it of course. Scorpion would be one sick cross-over into the Soul series.