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Wall of Lame...I mean Shame.

My most hated characters in any game, ever.

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  • Oh, Algol. What can I say about Algol? I really don't think there is that much to be said. Who the heck is this guy? Suffice to say that I absolutely despise his design, his lines sucked (more than other Soul characters), and he really came out of nowhere. My last word on the subject is that I can't stand his attacks. I hate way he shoots blades out of his back and chest! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! And where did he get the spectral chair? And why/how in creation does he turn his hands into Soul Calibur and Soul Edge? And aren't those two swords supposed to be in conflict with each other? Ugh...I can't even bring myself to be civil about this one...No, Namco. Just no.

  • Where to start with this guy? I know, I'll start with the easiest thing to address: His name. There is nothing wrong with the name Seth. I have a good friend with the name in fact. But I'm sorry, what the hell kind of name for a fighting game boss is "Seth"? Now, onto his design. Oh sure, we never get sick of bosses who steal everyone else's movesets, but let's take it up (or down) a notch. Seth, our diabolical villain, is paste-white (literally), rubbery in appearance, and has a spinning Yin-Yang symbol lodged in his abdomen. Now lets add his own moves. about one where he twists unnaturally, planting his head on the ground, and fires a cyclone wind from his Yin-Yang? I'm pretty sure that Seth must be the stupidest fighting game boss I've ever seen. He and Algol are neck-in-neck for my most hated boss ever in any game. After all, Algol did scar a series that I like more than Street Fighter.

  • Majin Buu...virtually no one can attain this level of sheer stupidity. Even Algol and Seth aspire to this horrific and insane idiocy. My most hated of his forms is Kid Buu, but in every form he offers terribly inane concepts. He turns people into chocolate. Chocolate. Then he eats them. Oh, yeah. He also absorbs people in a lame Cell knockoff. Shame on you Buu for existing.

  • While not poorly made or gratingly obnoxious, Lucien is a psycho jerk.

    I kill him with almost every character I make on Oblivion.

    Unlike many people, I hate the Dark Brotherhood. The only thing that joining them did for me was to wish I could rush in there Leeroy Jenkins style with my Orc warrior and kill all of them.