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Wild Old Men

We just can't understand why they have the kind of power they do, but they've still got it.

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  • General Kota has his own battalion of militia soldiers, because he never trusted the Clone Troopers. He is seen attacking an Imperial Facility in hopes of drawing out Darth Vader in order to kill him (Good thing for Vader that he didn't go in person). When Starkiller arrives at the facility, the much younger guy barely holds his own against Kota for some time. Starkiller is nearly killed when the old Jedi uses The Force to tear the section of the station where they were dueling free, and send it hurtling towards the nearby planet. He only loses by being blinded in a last-ditch cheap shot attack, then somehow survives falling from thousands of feet in the air.

  • What? It's true on multiplayer!

  • Among the absolute wildest.

  • Jauffre is truly a wild old man.

  • While he dies early on, this wild old man earned his place partly due to his epic voice. Okay, so mostly due to his voice. But it's Patrick Stewart!

  • Huang Zhong fought in battle until he was in his 70's, in a time when medical science was in it's infancy. 'Nuff said.

  • This guy is ancient. He was born shortly after the turn of the century...the last century. How does this increasingly elderly fighter keep going? Who knows. But with a moveset that involves performing handstands and kicking while doing handstands; Jumping on his hands, flipping, and doing all matter of other things an old man both shouldn't, and shouldn't be able to do, Shun Di is a perfect specimen of a Wild Old Man.