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Rifftrax Live

So last night I went to the local theater to go check out Rifftrax Live.  Now for those who don't know what any of this means.  Rifftrax is a new project headed up by Michael J Nelson, one of the original writers and stars of the show Mystery Science Theater 3000.  A few years after the show went off the air Michael began Rifftrax as a new way to continue the tried honored tradition of making fun of stupid movies.  Only now using MP3 format and going after anything and everything in the world of movies from Avatar to X-Men.  Last year they began an event called Rifftrax Live.  Where at a theater they riff on a movie, and a short or three, with a live audience while also beaming out the event to select theaters live.
Last night the movie was Reefer Madness, everyone favorite 1930's movie on the dangers of weed.  It was already funny to begin with, albeit unintentionally, but the guys did a great job making it even funnier.  On top of the movie, Lowtax from Something Awful made two new animated shorts, and they also riffed on three very different shorts.  One about arts and craft projects youc an do with grass (As in the stuff out on your front yard, not the stuff Reefer Madness was against), where you can learn how to make headdresses and masks out of grass sure to please whatever kind of demonic god you worship.  The second was a bizarre 1930's cartoon called "Aesop's Fables" about what I think is a father and son going to the north pole, but uh... not sure about that.  Finally though was one they released to those who attended the show via their website.  It's easily the strangest of the three, a short from the 30's about the dangers...and I'm being serious here... about washing your clothes with gasoline.
Just... wow....
Well someone was kind enough to put this short up on youtube for general consumption.  Check it out, and be sure to support Rifftrax by buying their products and attending however you can their next Rifftrax Live on October 28th when they riff on the original House on Haunted Hill.